Why Do Some Intellectually Developed People End Up With People Who Are Emotionally Undeveloped?

In relationships, it’s not unusual for one to be rational and the other one to be emotional. It could appear that one person has the other with what they lack and they balance each other out.

In their own way, they’re in a state of imbalance however, when they are when they are together they form the perfect team. Maybe one of them has an occupation where they mostly utilize their left brain, and the other one has an employment where they predominantly employ the right side of their brain.

Two Parts

In the case of the person who is primarily using their left brain, they might be employed in the city, for example. This could mean they spend lots of time at computers and attending business-related meetings.

For the one who is primarily using their left brain and their right brain, they may also be able to find an employment working in the cities. But even if that’s true, this could indicate that they are doing things that are creative, or they spend a lot of their time helping others in some way.

A Bit of Both

However, just because each have a stronger connection to a particular part of their being isn’t a guarantee that the rest of their nature is in a state of naught. Because from this fact, the individual who is predominantly rational will still be able connect at an emotional level. Likewise those who are emotional will still be able of relating on the level of logical thinking.

If it wasn’t it could seem as if one of them came from Mars and the other from Venus. They’d be so distinct from one another that their relationship could be an enormous problem.

A Stronger Connection

So, since both are in a position to connect on the emotional levels, this allows them to have a greater connection than they could otherwise. Furthermore, since both can be able to think straight, it can assist.

It is possible to say that their differences are what made them different, but it’s what they share which keeps them together. However, this doesn’t mean that conflicts will never occur, but the meaning is that they’ll be able to solve the issue.

The Polarity

Naturally in the event that they were alike, it’s unlikely they’d share the same amount of attraction to each other. Instead of having an intimate connection, they may end up being just friends.

One is likely to have a strong connection to their masculine side, and the other will be connected to their feminine side. This allows them to collaborate instead of being in competition against each other.

A Different Scenario

While there are bound to be relationships like this, where two individuals complement one another but there are likely to exist relationships that are not similar to this. It could be a relationship in which one person is extremely logical and struggles to communicate on the emotional levels, and the other person is extremely emotional and struggles to connect on a rational level.

This means that a lot of conflict could occur in their relationship and it’s going to be a struggle for them to solve the issue. The notion that one of them comes of Mars as opposed to the one who from Venus is a good idea.

The Problem

If you are the person whose focus is usually focused on their mind, they could think that their partner is not developed and lacking self-control For instance. They might be unable to comprehend why they ended up with people like this.

The majority of their time can be studying books and expanding their minds, something your partner is likely to not even be interested in. It might appear as if one is more advanced than the other.

A Common Outlook

What could play a role in this is the fact that the intellect is usually viewed as being more important of one’s being than the emotional self. It could be that your emotions are just an interruption and should be ignored.

This is why it shouldn’t be surprising when they perceive themselves as in a better position. However, even though they might hold this view but that doesn’t mean they are right.

Out of Balance

The person’s intellectual capabilities may be developing however in terms of their emotions, the person might not be fully developed. What they’re in contact with is simply reflecting back what is happening inside the person.

If one isn’t in a strong connection with their inner self, it’s impossible for them to perceive the connection. Another person is perceived as being the one with the issues, whereas they’re the ones who are in control.

Top Heavy

If someone was to connect with their inner self it could be that they’re carrying an immense amount of emotional pain. In the process of letting go and accepting the pain within their bodies could result in them becoming just as uncontrollable as their partner is usually.
The issue with their minds is that it gives people an impression that they are just watching what’s going on around themand with no impact whatsoever. In reality, they’re taking part in the things they do or don’t encounter.


If anyone can relate to this, and wishes to be a more complete person, then they might require external assistance. This is provided through the help of a therapist or healer.

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