When the Heart and Love Isn’t on the Same Accord

Eyes meet palms, sweaty palms and hearts beat and sparks fly. Instant attraction butterflies, lost control Word stumbling, nervous laughter. Wow! True love has found you. The feeling of love is truly incredible. It brings joy to the heart and ensures that all your days are filled with pure joy. It makes you feel more spontaneous and energises you. It can be as soothing as a summer evening breeze. You are laughing at the same times and phone calls swell the heart. Separation from one another for even a minute can seem like hours, as if focusing on something that isn’t involving the other person is that is futile. Being able to stay away from each other is an enormous achievement. If someone isn’t able to get on board and acknowledge the love you’ve received, they’re ineligible.
One day, in the middle of nowhere, things start to change. In some way, love gets into an argument with the same heart it seemed to be so much. It’s a silly battle that has to be acknowledged. It said it didn’t wish to be friends any longer. It was the same heart which it said it would always hold onto and never be hurt. The same heart is now are playing defense because it isn’t willing to give up. But how can it be victorious when love is all powerful? The bully pulled a quick one. It took all the excitement that were once thrilling and, before the heart had a chance to make its argument, it started to tear strings of it up like ribbons. What did it know that those ribbons were the skeletal structure that was protecting all the things it held close to its heart? It then licked its tongue out as if it was saying do not to try to force your love on another person as you’ll be subject to the same fate. In a calm, unflinching manner, it moved toward the door. A badly injured heart begged to stay. It declared, ” I know things look pretty bad but a bandage here and a little caring there and I will be alright again. I forgive you and am willing to let bygones be bygones so please take your hand off that doorknob. If you didn’t want a home in me why did you give me everything that I’ve been missing? Love responded, ” I’m here to teach you an important lesson.” The heart replied,” And that is?” Love declared,” Stop being desperate because I didn’t ask for your heart you pushed it on me.” Therefore, in the end, I have hurt yourself.

It is not possible to force love since it will not allow it. One person may think you’re wonderful but they aren’t able to truly be committed towards you until that love grants its permission. Therefore, be free of labels and take in the moment, as it’s the only time you ever get.

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