The Thing About Trust

It is risky to trust. You make it a point to give it only when you believe it is earned. We shower it on the people who we value, on those whom who have been the ones we’ve given our the leadership of our lives.

It’s a risky thing since it is a risk to be swindled. Similar to the church or business leader we were faithfully serving under and who is now recognized for the things his deeds; possibly a sort of criminal.

The more we admire someone The more we admire them, the more we trust them and the more broken we feel when that trust is shattered.

Let me explain the origins of this article. Like many Christians I am a believer in the fact the fact that God talks to me. God speaks to me with words of truth and certainly with gentle rebukes.

Recently, when I was helping my son complete his homework prior to school in the process of working on the finer points in writing words God demonstrated to me the possibility of negative impact that a person who is performing the job I do could cause in the school. I’m the school chaplain. I have experienced firsthand how the trust that my supervisor, principal as well as other staff members as well as parents and my students place on me to fulfill my job in a manner that honors them and does not cause harm to the school’s reputation.

However, God demonstrated to me, through the huge amount of trust given to me to fulfill my duties it is a huge amount of damage that someone who is in my position could cause just by squandering the trust I have placed in me. A moment of shrewdness.

The more trust granted, the more reliable an individual is believed as, the more harm is caused within communities when that trust is violated. There are situations and circumstances which indicate that when trust is damaged there is no way to get it back. Some damage that is too extensive can’t be reversed.

How can I and the other pastors consider this? I’m sure it requires to be reflected upon… !

I’m able to only respond by saying that I am afraid of God for this type moral lapse within the community I work within.

I can’t afford to be a victim of the trust given to me by my work. It’s a privilege and you must interpret the word privilege correctly to be able to be a person who cares.

There is no one who can listen to the things I hear.

It is not an easy task to speak the words that I am free and have the obligation to share.

What if I could take on every challenge I encounter without respect? What can I do to perform my duties with ease without suffering times of anxiety and fear at the potential harm I could cause?

I am able to tell you that I am a daily resident of the land of harm I could cause. That, for me, is the worry and awe of our Lord. God’s constantly reminding us of the honor and responsibility of the ministry in his name.

The best thing about trust is it’s the most valuable resource.

If the relationship is the primary goal of our lives and I believe it is, trust provides life its meaning.

We will only discover how valuable it is when it is completely destroyed! I am certain that I’d rather be at the receiving end of betrayal rather than the one who gives it away. There’s something incredibly more secure, and more godly, when you suffer in the face of wrongdoing rather than projecting the pain onto others their lives. It is a burden I would rather not be able to.

I’ve found this to be the case. Be cautious when you trust in the knowledge that it’s human nature to put trust in too much, only to see it be destroyed. Be sure to trust with all your might with the knowledge that fates of the people who put their trust entirely in your control. God will be with us.

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