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In my new, re-imagined life I have found the time to pursue special interests. I make sure that the experiences I have positive and enjoyable No one wants to be down! In the end I’m meeting kind great, amazing, and insightful people everywhere. I was able to spend time in my daughter’s kindergarten class. The teacher let me join in and work with students which I adore. Since names are written on desks, I get the benefit of greeting children personally. “Hello, Desmond [s sounded as z],” I said. “How is your story coming along?” He looked at me with amazement and then, with a hint of disgust, “It’s Desmond [s with an s sound],” the man said. “Let me tell you a bit about phonics.” Kindergarten! I was enthralled by my quick lesson. I later discovered that Desmond with the “z” had gone home sick prior to my arrival , so I could better understand my mini-phonics instruction.

I was sitting with my grandson at lunch (and an amazing hot meal was served!). A young boy who was next to us was immediately interested in me, and asked who I was, what the reason was for why I was there as well as what I was up to and when I’d leave and when I’d return. I responded in rapid succession until he stopped. “You look a lot older than my Grandma,” He said with a wink. I realized that maybe I was, but I was still Dayne’s Grandma. He thought about this for a while, and then said, “You know, you’d look way younger if you would color your hair. My grandma does and she looks way younger than you do.” I smiled and was thinking about the gray strands that adorned my head.

I told him that I didn’t like coloring my hair, and am happy with my hair and thanked him for his help. Unfazed, he reminded me a few more times about how much better I’d appear, and much younger, if I eliminated that horrible gray hair. I laughed, shook my head in awe and then shook my head in delight as I left the room after we were dismissed. The advice that is not solicited is very informative (and I don’t infer that my hair is getting lighter! hair! ).I am eager to see this gentleman’s grandma. I’ll be back for a visit to Dayne and Bryn’s classes within the next few weeks. What other insights could be given?

Locally, I was a part of the very first screening of a special night-time movie with a focus on forgetfulness, brain injuries, dementia, PTSD along with Alzheimer’s. The group is trying to find ways to inform our community on the impact of our actions that are a result of beliefs, misconceptions and misinterpretations within an environment of open learning. Our crew member was contacted with an inquiry about the reason we were screening 50 First Dates which is a documentary focusing on traumatic brain injuries even though a person is a family member, friend, or even a caregiver is present with an impairment. That’s exactly the reason. If we talk about confusion, forgetfulness, each day, hour, and minute is a new event in our lives, and ignoring connections to events which occurred just prior to and we are able to better assist the loved ones who suffer from cognitive difficulties.

I didn’t realize of how Adam Sandler could portray such an empathetic and compassionate character like he does in this film – affectionate Drew Barrymore regardless of her memory loss or the constant repetition of her daily life. I am impressed by the tender and loving responses of her father in easing her anxiety about losing her memory.

A single of her most powerful assertions reveals Sandler’s conviction in the importance of every hug to be as the first – soft, tender sincere, and committed. I go further than that, with each sunset and sunrise, each meeting and conversation every hug and word should be as rich and meaningful just like that first. Sandler the philosopher – wow!

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