Social Media: Has Social Media Caused Some People To Trade Intimacy For Attention?

When someone makes an online post it is possible to get a good amount of attention. this could make them be content with their own work. But, what is shared online may be only an insignificant part of their lives.

Thus, they will not be entirely dependent on the attention, which means it’s not an issue when they don’t always receive it or don’t receive an amount. What this will show is that they have connections with other people who can be extremely satisfying.

Two Methods

If it’s about the attention they get online the attention will be an one-way process However in the case of their relationships in real life they will have the case that it is a two-way process. One person will be with a friend, for instance, while the other friend is there to support them.

The type of attention they receive from a live person is likely to be better than the kind of attention they get from a few or even hundreds of users online. That’s because they’ll be able to have genuine human contact.

No substitute

Just as food isn’t replaced with supplements, real relationships aren’t able to be replaced by online connections. Being around people who are real will aid in the control the nervous system of their body, which allows their whole body to be at peace.

What this will result in is an impact on the immune system of their body and will result in an effect positive on their overall health and well-being. There will be a certain amount of what happens when they’re in the presence of another person and it will be the way they feel for a short time after they’ve left.

A Variety of Needs

If one had only the desire for attention and did not require anything else then they would not need to be in a relationship at all. It’s all due on the notion that they are a social being, whose understanding of self-worth is determined by their interactions with other people.

Therefore, in the same way as the body requires food to survive and feel alive, their self-image requires other people to function. In real-life relationships they’ll be able to discuss their activities as well as how they feel and even touch each other.

Another Part

One of the primary reasons people are able to enjoy such relationships would be the fact that it is the type of relationship that feels at ease. Being vulnerable emotionally and open to people in real life isn’t going to be an issue.

What will aid is that, while they think they are vital but they will not be able to be completely overwhelmed by their needs. This will enable them to help other people.

Another Scenario

There will be some that have swapped all of their two-way connections for their one-way relationships they maintain on the internet. This is, of course the case if they really can be called relationships.

They might have a handful of individuals in their lives that have real affection for and relationships that are built upon both giving and receiving. It’s not just about sharing attention, it will focus on fully being present and being fully present.

A void existence

But, then again, they may not be, and someone like such may only have relations with people who are extremely superficial. They could talk about things that are superficial, or even share their bodies with a few people, but that may be the extent it goes.

It’s like they’re living off food with low, if any nutritional value. This will result in a lot of their requirements to be unmet. However, the stress suffers as a result of living this manner can be averted due to the amount of attention they get online.

Out of Contact

There’s a possibility that they don’t feel an intimate connection to their emotional needs. this could mean they’ve criticized themselves. They’re then not an a human whole and are a split human being that is relying on their personal desires.

This could be interpreted as the desires of their egos and not the desires of their hearts. While social media can allow users to be rewarded through “likes” and comments, the primary aspect it provides is for them to manage an addiction to dopamine.

A Closer Look

There are people who have traded their real relationships to get the attention of others, there could be those who never ever had real relationships at all. In the case of the former, one might be going through a difficult breakup, causing them to withdraw emotionally and to seek out a dose of dopamine rather than engaging in a meaningful relationship with human beings.

However there are those who haven’t had a greater connection with others It could be a sign that their childhood was not the most positive. This could be an era when they needed to isolate themselves in order in order to survive.


Attracting the attention of afar, and staying away from any person is going to feel safe. In their hearts, they may think that they are intrinsically flawed and will be disregarded if they disclosed the real person they are.

The image they portray to the world may represent someone who appears confident, and they may even appear attractive but it’s not clear the reality for them. Their smile or their perfect skin tone will ensure that people don’t realize what’s happening. This will likely trigger the issue going on inside their bodies and make them feel overwhelmed.

It is possible to say that all human beings in the world is required to feel an intimate connection to their fellow humans and the planet, and this is due to the fact that they are a part of all things and separation is merely an outcome of the mind. If the connection is not maintained, it will naturally cause suffering and pain.

If someone is unable to feel connected to other people and nature this could reveal that they are difficult to connect with themselves. The reason is the connection that a person has with themselves usually defines the relationship they have with everyone other things.

The thing that will hinder their ability to feel connected to their body is trauma which could be caused by what they’ve experienced as an adult , and the events that transpired in their early years and also what they have handed down to them by their ancestral ancestors. If someone wishes to establish an enthralling connection with the world around them it is possible to seek the help of an therapist or healer.

Professional writer, teacher author, coach, and teacher, BARBARA , originates from England. His insightful analysis and commentary encompasses all aspects of transformation for humans such as love, love for self, love for others and the inner self. With more than one thousand eight hundred and eight hundred of in-depth essays that examine the psychology of humans and their behavior.

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