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The power of a community can be precisely assessed

through the compassionate actions of its by the kind actions of its.

~Coretta Scott King~

Recently I’ve been pondering about the world and its inhabitants, and the best way to come to a common ground to be friends. The Internet as well as TV and news outlets are focused on our differences and how we’re becoming more and more entangled in opposing groups. We tend to ignore others and view their thoughts, ways of thinking and emotions as repulsive.

I was looking forward to being far from the wars as I embarked on an eight-day cruise. I didn’t think I would get any answers however I did feel an easing from the rising conflict that was happening everywhere. I tried to shield myself from the conflicts between groups and the attempts of some to stir up the flames of division.

I stepped onto Royal Caribbean’s ship Adventure of the Seas, looking for peace and tranquility amid close to 3000 other passengers , and close to 15 hundred staff members and entertainers. Everyone immediately arrived at the Windjammer, which is the restaurant on the ship. After eating , everyone went to our respective places for individual peace and relaxation. After the initial frenzy of eating I began looking around the ship, and saw families and groups of friends looking for something to do for the rest of the day. I was amazed by the variety of passengers, with the vast majority of them white, with a significant mixture from Blacks, Asians and Hispanics. However, the personnel and performers I encountered were mostly of non- Caucasian origin. They came from a variety of countries all over the world, according to the names they had on their labels.

I had no negative experiences with any staff member. Every person who came into contact with treated me with the respect they dealt with other members of my group and with other passengers.

A few nights ago, my friend was down. The staff at the dining area including our waiter as well as the assistant waiter and head waiter were all extremely helpful and they even put together crackers and soft drinks for me to give her. The following evening, as well as the remainder of the cruise, all of them kept an eye on her and treat her to the highest of their abilities. As I observed the entire staff showed each other the same respect.

The ship appeared to be an enlightened microcosm. It was a beautiful microcosm. saw the ship as an instance of what the world would be like if we all was treated with the respect I witnessed among crew and the staff of the ship towards one another and towards passengers. I’ve had conversations with a few members of the crew on previous cruises and this one and they all have families at home that they assist in supporting. Even though they missed their family, they were grateful to earn a wage and work to support their families.

My experience on the ship has strengthened my belief to believe in all being able to get along. I hope all of us will come up with ways to support and respect each other , despite the differences.

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