Separate From What Is Unclean

“Separate from yourselves what is unclean and come out from among them,” declares Jesus Christ the Lord “and I’ll be gracious to you. “2 Corinthians 6:17”
“Separate yourselves from whatever is unclean and come out from among them,” declares the Lord. God would like you to be free from anything that is not clean. It could be people who hinder your growth or a harmful addiction that takes up all your money and time or any other thing that God declares to be unclean.
How do we define the word “separate” in the Dictionary? for separate?
It states “If something is separate from something else the two things are not connected.”
It also states that “To separate people or things means to cause them to be apart from each other.”
If there’s something you must get rid of then you’ll know it is.
There are two options;
1. Through the Bible
2. In forming connections with the right type of people.
Through reading the word, we renew our thoughts and it becomes clear what isn’t working with our daily lives. Establishing relationships that are with people who have the best intentions can enable us to live a healthy life.
It will become apparent to us when we are required to break up with those who hold us back from reaching our full potential. The average is five people that you spend the most in your daily life with. Are the people whom you spend the most time with inspire you , or doing anything to drag you down like a chain and ball?
Connecting with new people can be easy as simply joining new groups and taking part in a variety of activities that you love doing. Your enthusiasm will radiate and can help you meet new acquaintances easily.
Always be aware of a new outlook for your future, or else you’ll get back to the old ways of life. If you don’t have something exciting to look forward to tend to return to their previous habits.
Someone who has quit drinking can’t just hang out with the friends who were once drinking for a night out and expect to stay sober. There are pressures to return to the previous habits. Certain people are more comfortable with the old way of life because they feel more at ease with their old habits.
A few people are unable to give up the old ones that aren’t beneficial for them since they share more with their unbelievers than they do with their church-going sisters and brothers. At the end of the day, it’s the individual’s choice.

nobody is able to make that decision for you. However, you are accountable for each choice you make . It is your responsibility to bear the consequences.

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