Why Do Some People Hide Their True-Self In A Relationship?

If someone has a romantic relationship it is possible to show that they’re with someone who they share every aspect of their lives with. This means that they discuss what is going on in their head and share what’s happening in their hearts and even share their bodies.

Because of this, each part of them will tend be present when they’re around this person. If they are with the person it is common for people to be loved as heard and connected.

Two Parts

There are likely to be two main reasons for why someone is able to fully display themselves around the person. First, they’ll feel secure enough around the person they are with to be their true selves and, secondly, will be at ease in their own skin.

Thus, even though the first one is vital however, it’s not as crucial as the second. If the second one was not there, one would not feel comfortable enough to be able to show their full self with this person, which could have hindered them from forming a bond with them.

The Main Part

This is why the connection one has with themselves is the basis for them to be able to connect with another. One will feel at ease with their own emotions and who they are which will allow them to feel at ease sharing their thoughts and feelings with their loved ones.

One way to think about this is to say that each person is intimate with oneself and that is the reason why they are close to another. Your partner will not be other than this in any way.

No Alternative

It is going be a sign that one person will be vulnerable, just like their spouse, but this is a part of what is required to be a happy relationship. The alternative is to conceal a portion of themselves, but this won’t enable them to feel the deep bond with someone else.

It will require trust, but on the other hand, it requires the inner determination. Faith will enable them to make the first step, and inner confidence will give them the confidence that they’ll be able to deal with the situation if it isn’t the scenario.

The Norm

If one were to reflect on their lives, they could find that this is how their relationships have gone. They’re fortunate that they’ve never to conceal their identity from those in their lives.

It is possible to comprehend the reason why someone is able to hide from others. If they imagine living this way it would appear as if they’re being held in an unimaginable prison.

A Different Reality

But, even though this is the way some people view the world, there’s bound to be many others who do not. If this is the scenario, you could be engaged to someone but their entire being will not appear.

Therefore, they can have their minds and body with them, but this is only as far as they be. The emotional aspect of their lives which is the one that is related to the reality of what’s happening for them – will then remain secret.

A Heavy Burden

Then, one will find themselves in a position that they are surrounded by an individual in their life however they will not be fully close to that person. As opposed to being in a position express their feelings and feel supported, they’ll be able to remain private.

On the outside it could appear that they’re content and everything is going well However, behind the mask they might be sad and may even be suicidal. It could be due to the fact that their partner has told them that they do not want to.

Together Alone

In the other hand, one might wear the mask because they aren’t at ease with their thoughts or about who they are. From the time they got to know their partner it is possible that they wore the mask.

The image they portray to the world is likely to be very different from what they have in relation to what takes place within their own. Being unable to reveal who they are to their spouse will likely suggest that their relationship is lacking deepness and they are feeling extremely lonely.


The only way one can truly connect with their partner is if the person can experience an even deeper relationship at this point in their lives – is when they can let loose the role they play. If this happens they will become a human being and not a human being.

But, even though wearing a mask may make it difficult for them to connect with someone else, it’s likely to be the one that feels secure. It isn’t likely to be viewed as something that can benefit the person wearing it; it could be interpreted as something that could result in them being marginalized and rejected.

A Deeper Look

If they’ve been wearing a mask for all the time they remember, it might indicate that their first years were not exactly welcoming. It could have been an instance in their lives that they suffered from some sort of neglect or abuse.

What this might have done is led people to believe that there was something wrong with them which was the reason for them to conceal themselves. It’s been a while however the perception that was created during the time of their lives will be a constant part of their lives. It is a

If someone can identify with this and is determined to make a change in their life it is possible to seek out external assistance. This kind of support could be offered by the help of a therapist or healer.

A prolific teacher, writer and author, Oliver JR Cooper, comes from England. His insightful and insightful commentary encompasses all aspects of human evolution that includes love, relationship, self-love and inner awareness. With more than two thousand one hundred articles that provide in-depth analysis of the psychology of humans and their behavior, Oliver offers hope along with sound guidance.

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