Why Do Some People Become Obsessed When They’re In A Relationship?

If one is in an intimate relationship, they might observe that their behavior isn’t changing which lets them continue to live their lives just as they normally do. Naturally, their life is different when they’re in a relationship, but it will not have led them to change into an individual.

There are going to be different aspects of their lives that draw their attention. In other words it is unlikely that their partner is likely to be considered the center of their universe.

Many different interests
Therefore, in out of the times they spend with their loved ones they’ll also spend the time working towards their careers and with their buddies, and engaging in various activities, like. The person isn’t going to be one who puts all their eggs in one basket, as it were.

However, this isn’t to say that they don’t be thinking about their partner while they’re at work or exercising For instance, what is meant by this is that they’ll be able to concentrate on what’s going on and be able to be productive. Naturally, it’s expected to think more about their habits at the beginning of the relationship.

Brand New

It’s similar to the way that people are likely to spend much of their time contemplating their car, especially if it’s brand new, and, obviously the more important thing is that it is one they are proud of. However, as time and weeks pass and time passes, they’ll find that their attention has been diverted to other things.

Focusing on what’s happening throughout their lives, and not spending all day worrying about their partner, it’s likely to have an impact on the relationship. It is likely that they will behave in a manner which is similar to how they were when they first met.

In Balance

The other aspects of one’s life will be able to satisfy a variety of their requirements, preventing the person from looking for a partner to meet all their desires. This can keep them from becoming too dependent and demanding too much.

In the end, no one is likely to view the person they are with as their father or mother and will be able to remain in their own world which will allow the person to see there are distinct individuals. There will be things the person is able to give them, and what they cannot do; the same way there will be things they can offer their partner and what they cannot.

A Different Experience

While some individuals will be able to behave the manner they do when in an intimate relationship, there are certain to be those who will lose the ability to control their behavior when they end in a relationship with one. Due to this, their behavior will change, and will create difficult for them to be able to concentrate on other aspects of their lives.

However, to claim that it could be a difficult task is an understatement. It could be nearly impossible for them to concentrate on other aspects of their lives. It may appear as that one’s thoughts have been completely taken over by some other thing.

One Focus

Thus, regardless of the other events taking place in their lives the fact is that they’ll spend the majority of their moments thinking about their partner. It doesn’t matter whether they are in a job that they love or have a variety of other activities that they love.

By spending so much time considering their spouse, they may not be as productive as they normally do at work. They might not be present while they are taking part in an activity or hanging out with acquaintances, for example they might not be as attentive to their partner, for instance.


It could be that they’ll be constantly communicating with their partner, who needs to know what they’re working on and what they’re doing. At first they may appreciate being the center of attention, but with time, their behavior is likely to become too overwhelming for them to handle.

They could leave their partner feeling overwhelmed and like they’re being squeezed by the attention of. If the other person ended in a break, the other could become more obsessed , if it’s possible at all.

A Closer Look

The person they love may be wondering why they’ve behaved the way they have or even say that their behavior is an indication of their love for them. However, their behavior will likely be more focused on control, rather than love, and is influenced by fear.

The reason that one’s mind is occupied by their partner could be due to what’s occurring at a higher level. The underlying thoughts that dominate their minds and destructive behavior could cause a lot of trauma or pain.

Emotional Wounds

If they could get off their heads and get in touch with what is happening inside the body, they might be overwhelmed by discomfort. This could be the time that they feel devalued as if they were abandoned, helpless and hopeless.

The obsession with someone else is a method to keep the anxiety at bay. This is a the pain which is likely to arise from events that occurred during their early times. This is not to say that someone is necessarily loving their partner, but that they’re trying to minimize the way they feel.


Another way to look the issue from a different angle is to think that, without conscious thought, one projects the parent or father they wished for to their partner, with the result that they feel the love, value and sense of belonging, among other things, through being with them. If they didn’t have that person in their lives they would be unable to connect with what they were feeling when they were young.


The early years of their lives may be a time in which they were neglected or abused. The years will have passed from that point in their lives, but the feelings they felt may have remained locked within their bodies.

If someone can identify with this and wants to make a change in their life then they might need to seek out external help. The help of a counsellor or a healer might be necessary.

A prolific teacher, author, writer and consultant Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful and insightful commentary encompasses all aspects of human evolution that includes love, relationship, self-love and inner-awareness. With more than 11,000 detailed articles on human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with sound guidance.

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