Why Do Some People Act As Though They Are An Extension Of Others?

A significant amount focus has been paid to the kind of person who views others as their own extension. In this scenario, one doesn’t believe that people have their own thoughts, emotions and preferences and are, thus people.

It’s like others have nothing happening within their bodies and are being there to meet their requirements. This means the person will believe that they have the right to treat people however they like to treat them.

One Function

In the end, as in the case of other people the primary purpose of their existence is to fulfill their needs. Nothing more, no less. Therefore, just in the same way as you don’t need to seek out anyone’s permission to use their car For instance, they will not have to seek another’s permission if they wish to obtain something from them.

The only thing they’ll have to accomplish is to get the things they need from others, and that could involve taking advantage of them or mean that they make use of things that belong to them. They will also consider themselves to be the center in the world, and this could make them the target of lots of attention.

All Eyes on They

The person will require to be at the center of attention, regardless of the location or what’s going on. They may have the tendency to be a nuisance and talk more loudly than the rest of the population.

It’s not acceptable for someone else to lead their own lives or to conduct things without their permission, neither. What’s acceptable is for people who are in their lives to pay their focus on them and include them in every activity they take part in.

An Energy Vampire

One way to think about this could be to say that someone like this would be able to steal energy from people surrounding them. The energy they consume is then utilized to keep their ego up.

They will not be at the same level with other people. No they will be more superior beings. Because they are special or unique they will be granted the freedom to act as they like and take whatever they like.

A False Self

Such a person could experience an emotional range that is limited and will typically have feelings that are aligned with their belief in superiority. If their perception of themselves is in any way challenged or when someone else fails to respond in the way they prefer it could result in feeling rage-filled.

It could be a way to protect yourself from feeling devalued, helpless and powerless in addition to other things. So when individuals do what they like and can receive good feedback and praise, the negative part isn’t going to be exposed.

The Other Side

Another topic that is discussed but not as often is the kind of person that usually gets into relationships like this. The person described above is only concerned with their own requirements and doesn’t pay attention to the needs of other people. In contrast, the person below doesn’t think about their own needs , and only thinks about other people’s requirements.

Their main concern is going to be doing whatever they can to meet the needs of others, while ignoring their own. Actually, as a result of being focused on other people’s demands, they might not even know about their own needs.Selfless

The person will appear as if they’re willing to do whatever they can to accommodate the needs of others. As if they’re just an extension of someone else will then become an aspect of who they are.

The tendency to ignore their personal needs is likely to be the way they feel comfortable and it is likely to prevent them from seeing the fact that they’re being abused. So, when people treat them like they’re just an extension of themselves they are not likely to be noticed.

A strong attraction

If they were treated differently and focused on their wants, it won’t be a good feeling. However, if someone disregards their needs and asks them to be focused on their personal needs, it’s likely to feel right.

The other thing one can possibly find is that when they ended in a room full of people, they’re be most likely to be attracted by one who would not consider their desires. What this means is that they were attracted to someone who is an active match.

A Closer Look

It is evident that people lack limits, and they do not appreciate their own worth, and aren’t comfortable with their requirements. In the end, they may not realize the fact that they’re an individual in contrast to being the extension of other people.

Additionally it is possible that they believe that they are unimportant, and feel that their needs aren’t essential. When you take all of this into consideration it is the ideal person who is comfortable with other people.

Back In Time

What this will prove is that someone did not receive the treatment they required in the early years of their lives. This would have prevented from being able to build an identity that is strong.

Perhaps they were raised by a person who thought of them as an extension of them and that could have led one to feel more like the role of a caregiver rather than one who required certain things in order to for growth and development. Because of being treated this manner, it could hinder them from establishing boundaries, deprived them of their desires, and caused them to think the needs of their parents were anything they should shame themselves for.


If you can relate to this and wants to transform their lives then they might need to seek out external assistance. This could be done through the assistance of a therapist or healer.

A prolific teacher, writer author, writer, and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper, is from England. His insightful and insightful analysis encompasses all aspects of human evolution such as love, relationship, self-love and inner awareness. With more than 1000,900 deep-dive articles that explore the human mind and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with sound tips.

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