Why Are Some People Attracted To People Who Are Emotionally Unstable?

For some who are in an intimate partnership with someone that is not reliable and unpredictable, as well as having the desire to be on the edge and in a state of uncertainty are not likely be a good idea. In this situation then it’s only the case that they leave.

A relationship with someone like this will be as if you were giving dark chocolate to someone who isn’t a fan and it’s going to repel them. An immediate decision is taken, which will allow them to go away.

Been There, Done That

A person like this might have been a part of a group of people who were not mentally or emotionally well. Because of this, it may not take long for them to realize that they are not the only one similar to this.

Therefore it shouldn’t take long to figure out the health of a person which will prevent them from entering into a relationship who isn’t. Maybe they done lots of effort to themselves in order to reach this level.

A Conscious Process

If this is true then they will not have stopped wanting to be with this person; it’s something that required quite a bit of energy and time. Perhaps they came to realize that they weren’t just randomly entangled with individuals like this and that they played a role in the events that were taking place.

It was then evident there was a common factor and not just an observer of what was happening. This may have hurt their egos in the short-term, however, it would have helped their real self in the long run.

A Challenge

What could have made the process more difficult than it was necessary to have been was type of criticism the victims received from relatives and friends. Some of them may have told that they were essentially being a victim and playing not a role in what occurred.

If this were the case, and they’d accepted this view this would have prevented their ability to make progress. Instead, those ‘out there’ would need to make changes, which would have stopped from being able to take action in this particular area of their lives.

Another Experience

However there will be those who aren’t attracted to these kinds of people, but they’ve been unable to progress to the next level. A person like this could be in the wrong relationship, and it wasn’t healthy.

Since they’re no longer separated, they might think that they require to take a long time to heal from all that has happened to them. However, they might discover that a part of them is still awed by the person who they once dated.

A Strange Scenario

This isn’t the first time that this has taken place, as they have been being in this situation every time they’ve had to break with someone in this manner. One part of them is likely to realize that their ex wasn’t well, and another portion of them wants to be with them.

If they’re cognizant of the fact and do not be enticed and fall for it, they’ll be able to take steps to take steps to ensure that they don’t re-engage with them. If, however, the part of them that is desperate to be back with their ex is powerful, they might realize that it’s just a the matter of time until they are back.


If this wasn’t the case and they ended in a relationship with someone who’s not emotionally unstable They could find that they are bored. They’ll have what they desire to have a person who is consistent, reliable and doesn’t like playing games for instance and won’t be able to love them.

Before they did this, they might have told themselves that they wanted someone different, and may have even said to their friends the exact same idea. It could be difficult to figure out the reason behind their feelings.

A Deeper Look

If you look at how people like this live their lives It will be apparent that they’re experiencing an abundance of internal conflict. If their world were more peaceful and peaceful, there would not be a reason for them to desire to have a relationship with someone who isn’t a good fit for them.

The tiny portion of them who doesn’t wish to be around one of these is likely to be discarded by the majority of them who do. The result is that being around people like this is a familiar experience and thus is considered to be something that is secure on a deeper level.

A Dysfunctional Association

If you are engaged to one who is everywhere and is unsure of what their position is It is possible that they feel a boost. This is because adrenalin is released inside the person, resulting in them being in a fight or flight state.

The adrenaline will make them feel alive and this will be something the body and brain crave. In a deeper way, feeling the sensation of adrenalin and being on edge will be the definition of love.

Back In Time

It could be a bit odd for someone to get involved in this kind of relationship. After all, this isn’t the definition of love. This could indicate that the early years of their lives were the time they lived in a place that was not safe.

Perhaps their caregiver had a negative impact on them in some manner that would have meant that it was normal to be in a state of fight or low mode and for their bodies to be overflowing with adrenalin. These experiences could have impacted their lives however, the events they experienced would be regarded with what is common to their mind. In this aspect of their minds the familiarity is what is considered to be safe, regardless of whether it’s healthy or unhealthy.


Reliving the experiences they had when they were a kid during their adulthood could be a means to sort out the events that took place. But the only way this can happen is if they are in a position to connect the dots, or so it’s said and then work through the inner wounds.

This process can be achieved with the help of a psychotherapist or healer. Resetting their bodies will not happen in a single day However, it will be possible if they seek to the assistance they require and never abandon them.

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