What Can Someone Do If Another Person Is Triggered?

If one is in university reading a self-development or self-development book or talking with someone about what’s occurred in their lives There is a word that they might be hearing. The words either before or after it may be different, however there is a word that is similar.

It could be the time where they encounter the word trigger or trigger at the very least. Before the word became commonplace in people’s usage, it was only used in a particular context.

The Meaning

When it is mentioned in the present typically, it means that someone has read, heard or experienced something that provoked a response in their body. When they encountered something outside, they may be experiencing something inside.

What they went through internally would not be pleasant the inner world of their minds was flooded with negative emotions, thoughts, or even haunting memories. Because of the internal events the result would have been the consequences that followed.

Two Sides

After experiencing a powerful reaction, they could be able to become angry , and possibly even aggressive. If this happened one could say that someone was able to go into the fight-or-flight response.

If someone didn’t react in this manner and instead walked away from their location this could indicate that they were in an air response. Whatever the case, whether the former or the later occurred it was likely to occur naturally.

Another Outcome

If any of these responses weren’t used, it could be that one was frozen and unproductive for a long time. As with the above responses their brains was shut down as their reptile brains would take over.

In the event that one freezes, it’s unlikely that others will end up being the one to pay for what they went through. However in the event that they were in fighting or flight mode, that may not have been the case.

For Example

If someone went into flight mode, they might be able to walk away from something crucial. It could be a gathering or the occasion of a gathering with a close friend.

In the event that one went into fighting mode, they could be able to lose all control, and possibly becoming violent. Like the example in the above example, it could have been a social gathering or get-together with friends.

A New Response

If one were to repeat this behaviour once, it could lead to issues, but in the event that they behave this way regularly it could result in huge consequences on their lives. If they find themselves in a similar situation the best option is for them to seek out to others for support.

In this way, it gives them the chance to understand what’s going on inside of their bodies and begin healing their wounds. This will keep the triggers from occurring in the same way and enable them to function as a human being in all aspects.

The Other Side

If one person experiences a reaction by something, it will be felt by another person. If one person experiences an extreme response and their behavior completely shifts, the other might be unable to comprehend what’s happening.

Although they might have done something seemingly innocent but it may appear as if they’ve made a mistake or said something that was harmful to the person. If they’re not in the state of confusion and agitated, they may be a victim of a rage.

An Important Point

What they need to be aware of in this moment is that once someone else is triggered and their capacity to think rationally has most likely gone out the window. So, their behavior isn’t a reflection of the person they really are.

They’ll be saying and/or doing things however it will appear like someone other than them has taken over their existence. When you take all of this into consideration it is not a requirement for anyone to take anything said or done in a negative way.

In The Moment

If someone is aware of this while around an individual who is triggered by the incident, it could help ease the confusion. It could also stop people from getting angry when they’ve gotten to this level.

The problem with being anger and then descending in the exact same way as the one who has been affected is that it makes it more difficult for the other person to break from the state the situation is. It’s the same as trying to put out a fire by putting gasoline on it.

The Power of Presence

The best thing you can accomplish is take the necessary steps to be present and not get drawn into the events. The easiest thing is to not react. keeping their focus is much more difficult.

In the end, they’re an individual so they’ll also be afflicted with their own issues that may come out in instances like these. If these wounds are brought to the surface and triggered, it makes it much more difficult for them to remain present and not react.


If someone is present and in touch with their heart, they’ll not be able to add flames to a fire that’s already burning. When someone is in the present and connected with their hearts, they’re more likely to be able to discern what they need to do.

The two main things one can do to enable them to react to this in a way. The one is to address their personal wounds, and the secondly, to meditate. In the case of healing internal wounds, the help from a therapist or healer could be necessary.

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