Is There A Difference Between Helping Someone And Trying To Rescue Them?

If one finds the news that an acquaintance or family member is experiencing an emotional time There are a variety of things they can do. They could call them or could visit them.

After they’ve established contact, they can then discover what’s been going on with them. It could be a moment where they’ll be present to give the other an opportunity to discuss the situation.

The Next Step

Once this is done after this, the other person can solicit their opinion or request for their opinions. Another option is to discuss their thoughts during the entire time they are speaking.

At the end of your time with each other, you can inform the other that they will be there for them if they require them. Additionally they could also say that they’ll contact them periodically to inquire about how they are doing.


What this means is it is a person not being an extended part of the person. It will become clear that there’s only a certain amount the person can accomplish to help this individual.

If they go over the line in a sense and go beyond the mark, they will end up doing things they should have done for their own. So, instead of supporting them, they’d end up disempowering them.

Other Responsibilities

By doing this it will not result in the person ignoring other aspects of their lives. They’ll be well aware of the things they need to manage in their own lives and a complete immersion by the life of another isn’t going to be appealing to them.

What could be a factor in this is the fact that people will view themselves as a competent human being, and that is why they look at other people this manner. Therefore, no matter what the person is experiencing they’re not likely to be a victim in need of help that needs to be saved or helped.

We are here to help

It’s not to say that one shouldn’t consider ignoring certain areas of their lives for a brief period of time when they know someone who needs lots of help. What’s most important is that, if they perform something similar to this it won’t be seen as a sort of saviour.

They will also realize that there will come the point where it’s the right time to step back, and to ensure that they don’t interfere with another person’s life. It could have taken some time to reach this point in their lives.

Another Scenario

In the other case, after having talked to an acquaintance or family member struggling it is possible that they will end up explaining to them what they need to do. So no matter if they requested help or not, they’ll offer it to them.

They could also provide advice in a non-solicited manner before that person clarified exactly what is happening. The person who is not seen as a human being who is capable of doing anything and will be perceived as someone who must be saved or rescued.

A Natural Response

If that is the way they view the person they are interacting with and they may not even know this, it’s not going to be a huge surprise for them to act in this way. They will be prevented from realizing that they are overstepping the other person’s boundaries.

Other aspects of one’s life will then be neglected so that they can resolve the issue with the problem of another. In the meantime it is possible to be in a situation that their life isn’t all that satisfying.

An Escape

Yet, they might seem like an individual who is strong and powerful and yet this appears to be just a facade. In the end, they may be feeling unable and feel as if they are in need of being saved.

The reason they are trying to save or help the other person could turn out be due to the reality that this person is a reminder of their own disconnect from themselves. The solution to what’s happening externally can be a means to keep the internal turmoil that is happening within them in check.

More harm than good

In their desire to protect themselves in a way, they will not be able to recognize the destructive nature of their actions. It will also be an opportunity to show that they are competent of saving others, and rescuing them is as a means to show that they are capable.

If the person who was being questioned wasn’t completely out of contact with their capabilities at the beginning it is possible that they will be in this position after being with them for a time. You can feel more powerful due to the other person’s dependence on them.


If someone discovers they are inclined to help others or save them and they are unable to just be there for those in need, it could be a sign that they’re carrying injuries from their youth. To alter their behavior it is essential for them to come to know the part of themselves that has to be saved.

One way to look at this is to consider that the child in them is in a state of grief, and the child inside would like to hear. By connecting with this part that is grieving over their insatiable childhood needs, it will let them develop.
This could occur with the help of a therapist, or a healer, for example.

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