Is It Important To Be Able To Hold Space For Others?

If someone has a close friend who is experiencing an emotional time it is possible that they will be the one to tell them what they should do to overcome it. It could be a moment when they attempt to help or save the person.

Just being present for the person not enough. They’ll need to go the extra mile. Therefore, regardless of whether the friend was asking them to take action or not, someone will be able to fulfill this responsibility.

Their Modus Operandi

It is evident that you will have an intense connection to their masculine component, which is the part which is connected to performing. Their feminine component, the portion of them that is connected to being, is usually off.

It is possible to believe that it’s the responsibility of them to lead others, and this is exactly what people expect to see them do. But this doesn’t mean their friends will be thrilled by the way they’ve been a good person.

Too Much

The person could leave feeling that they haven’t actually there to help them. It could appear that one did not care about the issues they were experiencing and was more concerned with directing them to the right route.

Therefore that it’s likely to not be an issue if the person is feeling slighted and unimportant. If the situation continues, the person may hesitate to share with someone what they’re struggling with, instead opting to confide in an individual who will be there to help them.

Leaning Back

If someone discovers the consequences that their actions caused, they might have difficulty understanding the situation. If they’re concerned, the most effective way to assist someone else could be to provide them with advice.

Being there for a individual could be an insignificant amount of time. It may be necessary for them to investigate the reasons behind their beliefs and see if these assumptions are grounded in actuality.

Looking Deeper

When they reflect on the reasons the reasons behind their behavior in this manner, they could discover that a part they believe their worth is determined by the things they do to help other people. Thus, unless they perform things for others they don’t think they are worth it.

Additionally, they might find that people aren’t in a positive way or express what they are feeling make them feel uncomfortable. Therefore, doing whatever they can to handle someone else’s feelings keeps them from experiencing internal discomfort.

A New Approach

With all the turmoil going on inside them, it’s inevitable that it will be difficult for them to stay in the moment when someone else is experiencing a difficult period. They’ll need to be able to keep them from being entangled in the situation.

One could choose to help an individual and not take action, but unless they truly are present, it could become a new method. The person will be doing their best to be present instead to just being present.

The First Part

It is possible to say it is the very first stage would be to be able to create space for themselves . And after they have achieved this, creating spaces for other people will come easy. If they are able to hold space for themselves, it’s about feeling the way they feel.
That means they don’t have to alter or suppress what’s happening for them. In the same way the parents who love their children is there to comfort their child, a portion of them will also be there to soothe the emotional side of their own being.

A Powerful Process

Once this occurs the mind won’t be required to change their negative emotions into positive ones. This part of them can rest. By being present for their emotions and not denying what’s happening, they won’t bring more energy into the inner turmoil that is happening to their own souls.

It will prevent people from feeding the things that are happening within them, and making it more difficult for them to control what they are feeling. If they aren’t able to handle the emotions they’re experiencing then they’ll be able to talk to another person who will hold the space.

The Second Step

When they are able to be able to keep spaces for oneself, they’ll be aware of the power to be able to do this. When they practice this for others it will feel like they are within their bodies and listening to their heart.

Another person most likely to be able to detect their presence, and it will give them the assistance they require. The person isn’t doing anything at this point They are just having a conversation with another person.

Numerous Benefits

However, while one won’t be doing anything, the other will receive exactly what they require. Being present alone allows another person to feel valued and heard. This is due to the fact that one isn’t making their experience invalid or denying their experience in any manner.

They will be able to communicate what’s going on with them without worrying about being assessed or having their emotional experience dismissed or minimized. When this happens one can be more comfortable, gain a new perspective and help them be more integrated.


The ability to create space will likely be something their family, friends, and partner (if there is one) will be grateful for. If one is finding it difficult to create space for themselves this could mean they are struggling with some internal wounds to address.

The inner wounds that are causing pain can be healed with the help of an therapist or healer. Working with someone who holds their space, they can be able to travel to places that they couldn’t by on their own, and, in turn the presence of their client will increase.

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