Is It Harder For Someone To Settle Down If They Have Been With A Lot Of People?

In the past it was common for couples to be waiting till they got married before having sexual relations, and they likely would have continued to be with the same partner until the time when their time on earth ended. Due, in part, to the’sexual liberation in the 60s and 80s this is now a different story.

Sexual activity outside of marriage was no longer viewed as an offense at least not in the same extent as prior to. Of course, there was those who weren’t happy of what was happening.

A New Era

The world has made a significant leap since then and it’s not an issue for anyone to have sexual relations in the absence of marriage. Today, it’s an even bigger deal for a couple to be married than for them to be able to have sex in the absence of marriage.

It is commonly viewed as something that is outdated and unfashionable, or as a way for couples to gain certain advantages. Sexually arousing a couple however is just as common as going out to buy chocolate bars (or an apple bar for people with good health) For instance, it’s not thought of as something that is considered to be a major issue.


One way to look at this issue is to say that while individuals were confined in the past, that is not the case anymore. If someone wishes to have a sexual experience without having to commit to another it is possible and should perform this without being embarrassed.

If they had been alive a couple of years ago, they might be forced to put off this urge , and wait until they discovered someone to dedicate their lives to. If we look at this in relation to what is happening today it may seem very restricting to live life in this manner.

A Prison

A person who frequently exhibits sexuality with various people was sent back at the right time, they’d most likely have a difficult time to manage. They could be expressive in other ways, however it might appear as if they’re locked in a prison.

This aspect of their personality is not something that should be ignored in the event that they could channel their creativity into something new. However, fortunately, one can show this side of them in the present world, and also be inventive in different ways.

The Result

In other words, since it’s not necessary anymore for someone to get married to satisfy their sexual desires this has meant that there are a lot of individuals who aren’t interested in a romantic relationship. Because of the ease for them to satisfy their sexual desires it is not necessary for them to be a part of anyone.

Another factor in this case is when you are at the beginning of their journey and has a physical appeal that makes it possible for them draw the attention of individuals. A desire to fulfill only their sexual needs and ignore other aspects of their requirements could also be an indication that they are afraid of intimacy.

One Outlook

In addition one could say anyone who is able to be themselves in this manner and express themselves in this way, they are able to build a satisfying relationship, if they choose to. In the beginning, being closer to other individuals will help them determine what type of person is right for them.

In contrast, if they weren’t able to “experiment” in this manner and experiment, they would not have the chance to determine the best person to be a match with. This is similar to exploring different vehicles, instead of purchasing an auto the moment it comes up in the market, or attempting various jobs before settling on the most suitable career choice.

The Life Misery

If one were to end being in a relationship with the person they first were attracted to, and who they married soon after it could be someone they encountered in school, for example it is possible that they will discover that they’re not compatible after a couple of years. The time they had with that person might have helped them understand the person better and further grow their careers.

What could play a significant factor in a person’s decision to “experiment” could be the way their parents’ relationship was like as they grew in. Perhaps they got married in the early years of their lives, and stayed together, even when they were a complete discord.

Another Outlook
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But, while one might be able to find that “experimenting” with many different types of people could help them discover one who is suitable for them, and later establish a lasting relationship, it could not go as planned. One reason is that they might find the relationship not enough stimulation and they are in need of the stimulation they get when they connect with different people every week/month.

It’s be similar to how difficult it is for someone to transition to a place where they can go from fast-food and then eating healthy foods. Fast food will be fast and simple, just like having a casual sexual encounter is quick and simple while healthy meals will require some time to prepare and offer an entirely different degree of satisfaction, the same like a long-term relationship. take time to build and will not necessarily have similar highs or lows.

The loss of willpower

My experience is that, through numerous casual interactions that it has created an inability to tolerate anger and has diminished their control over themselves. Also they will not know how to deal with situations where there is conflict, and they will not be able to manage their impulses.

Thus when there an issue between their spouse it is possible that they will get the urge to search for someone else. And, should they meet another person attractive however, they may not be able to recognize this desire and not respond to it. It’s like they’ve turned into an adult who is totally in control of their desires.

The grass is more green

In their minds, they may imagine that there’s an individual out there that is superior to the one they’re with, removing the need to deal with any difficulties that may arise. These issues can be interpreted as an indication that their relationship isn’t working instead of being a normal aspect of a relationship. It can also be seen as an opportunity to make them more close.

Being around so many people will not have helped them gain a better understanding of the type of person who is suitable for them. the result is make it much more difficult to choose who they should be with. The person who is training to run short distances and, if they want to remain with someoneelse, they’ll have to complete the training required to run longer distances.


In analyzing all of this the fact that issues may arise when someone exercises too the controlling over their sexual urges and when they aren’t exercising the appropriate control on this aspect of their lives. It is ultimately the responsibility of each person to weigh the advantages and disadvantages when making a decision and then make their own opinion of the best decision.

Professional writer, teacher coach, author, and coach, Oliver JR Cooper, is from England. His insightful analysis and commentary encompasses all aspects of transformation for humans such as love, relationship, self-love and inner awareness. With more than 18,000 in-depth essays that examine human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with sound tips.

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