Do Some Peoples Childhoods Set Them Up To Crave Love?

It is quite likely that almost everybody on earth enjoys receiving affection and love. In addition there are many who will likely to be happy sharing affection and love.

If this happens the person can offer someone their complete attention. It could be a moment when they be able to touch them, keep the eye, talk to them, offer encouraging things, and even hug them among other things.
A Nourishing Time

When one person is acting like this while the other is doing the same thing in a very similar manner. One way to look at the situation is to suggest that both individuals will be present that will let both to feel respected and heard.

This will be something that a person can encounter when they’re with a family member, or their partner, when they’re in a relationship that is intimate. Naturally, the partner will likely to be more loving than any other person in their lives. And they are likely to be much more devoted to them than with any other person.


While one may like being at the receiving end of love, it does not mean that they’ll depend on the love that their loved ones show them. In the process of connecting with the love part of themselves it will allow them to feel love even in the absence of them.

The person is not likely to feel empty inside and only feel the feeling of love when they are together with their loved one. Being able to find unconditional love can also prevent people from expecting too much of them.

An Exchange

If one was not at peace with the unconditional love within their hearts, it could be normal for people to feel tired after spending the time. Instead of wanting to spend time with them once more they might be tempted to stay away from them for a short time.

As they’re connected to their inner feelings of love, they’ll be capable of giving and also receive. This will positively impact the relationship between them, since their loved ones won’t be suffocated by their love for them.


Based on what’s happening inside them, there’s no need to exert control over their partner. Because they don’t think of their partner as possessing something they urgently want.

If they’re with them or off doing something else, they’ll remain able access the inner love in their hearts. As they don’t require their affection, there’s an excuse to tolerate unacceptable behavior.

A Different Reality

Though living life in this way will be ideal way to live, not everybody will be able to connect to this. So, someone such as this will depend on the love others show.

In some way, they won’t feel the unconditional love within them. This could mean that they are aware of what it’s being empty. To keep this feeling from happening it is necessary to get constant love and support from loved ones.

Two Stages

If they’re engaged in a relationship the person who is not in a relationship may be a bit enthused initially. Butas time gone by, they might discover that the relationship is just too overwhelming for them to manage.

In addition to the amount of they want to be treated with In addition, they might be attempting to control their lives. The fear of losing them may make their loved one feel trapped and like they aren’t able to have the life they want.


Even the person they love is attuned and spends a lot in their company, that doesn’t mean they isn’t likely to wander. However much affection their partner shows them, it won’t suffice to fill the gap in their hearts.

The presence of another person around or even a hundred more , will not affect much on their lives. Or, they could be in a relationship that isn’t working but the fear of being lonely may prevent them from leaving.

What’s the matter?

Although someone with this type of personality isn’t in contact with the love in them, they might think that there is no love inside them. What this will indicate is that they’re experiencing many emotional burdens and, unless this suffering is addressed it will be a long time before they begin to feel empty.

The main question is: why they’re not in contact with the love that lives within them? The reason they are living their lives this manner could be the result of events that happened in their early years.

Way Back

Through their childhood They may have been neglected. The love they required at this crucial period of their lives wouldn’t have been given frequently or even at all.

If the thing they required was not provided, it would stop them from developing correctly. This could have affected the brain and body of their patients and probably stuffed their system with emotional discomfort.


The good news is that what happened does not have to be the defining factor in your life for ever, when one seeks the proper assistance. This is provided through the help of a therapist or healer.

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