Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Associate Love With Drama?

Just as certain car trips are peaceful and hassle free, and others are loud and filled with obstacles and pitfalls, relationships also can fall into one of the two types. It is evident that it will be much healthier being in a partnership that fits into the first category, compared to one that is in the second.

However, while there may be a few people who are in a relationship similar to this, there will also be people who are not have a relationship of this type. Because of this, this particular area of a person’s life will either benefit their relationship or be detrimental to them.

What exactly is it?

If you are engaged in a relationship which is generally good, this could be how their lives has been for the time they remember. Even in the event that they’re currently dating someone else the same could have been how their previous relationships were like.

So, they won’t feel grateful for having such a person because it’s normal. However even if their experience hasn’t always been like this and they aren’t happy, they may feel feelings of deep gratitude for the way this particular area of their lives is.

Emotionally bonded

One who is like this will likely have experienced a very nurturing childhood, which allowed them to grow in the correct way. This means that they don’t look an individual partner who will fulfill their lives and are likely be able to manage their emotions.

As a result it means that they’ll be less reliant on them, and it’s less likely to be in a state of panic or to show their feelings on them. Anyone they’re with will likely be in a similar situation.


Thus, by being able to recognize their emotions, rather than projection of them onto one another this will demonstrate that they are aware of where they are at and also where the other’s journey begins and ends. The result is that both are more likely to accept responsibility for their own problems and are less than likely to criticize or criticize each other. This will allow to deal with their issues.

In some instances, they might not be aware of the other’s status as their father or mother, but generally, it is not the way they’ll view one another. There’s always the possibility that one did not have a good childhood and this could prove that they’ve completed quite a bit of healing for themselves.

A Positive Association

Based on the kind of relationship the person is currently in, it’s going to be evident that their notion of what love means can be considered healthy. The person feels safe around and is honest, trustworthy reliable and trustworthy is crucial.
So, if they had to engage in a relationship with someone different it is likely that they will quickly lose the interest. Both emotionally and mentally it is unlikely be a good fit for them. That is the reason they’d be quick to leave.

Another Story

If someone isn’t in an intimate relationship it could be the case. This is how it’s been for the time they remember. If they’re single, they might be in a series of relationships filled with drama and conflict.

When one of the relationships ended the couple might have made a vow not to go through something similar to this ever again and then ended with a relationship similar to the one they had soon after. This could be the case in more than one instance.

A rollercoaster ride

If you’re in an affair, it’s likely to be unpredictable or boring. They may not know how they compare to the other person, which can bring lots of lows and highs.

In one moment, they may feel secure, happy and loved, while at the same time, they may be anxious, scared and abandoned. Fighting and shouting could be part of their everyday life.

What’s Going On?

When this happens to be the sole relationship someone has been in that was like this, it might be explained as having luck. But, if one continuously is in relationships like this, and thus is the common factor, it’s likely to prove that this is how they feel most comfortable for them on an underlying level.

It’s not like they are randomly in relationship that is not healthy, it’s that they’re drawn to those that are not healthy. If they took the time to study the meaning of love to them then they’re likely to realize that they do not have an ideal definition of love.

A Negative Association

A person who is unstable, dangerous or dishonest, insecure, untrustworthy, and disrespectful is likely to trigger their buttons, to put it simply. This is what allows the person to feel powerful attraction and make them feel attracted.

The reason someone is at ease with this behavior is most likely an outcome of the things that transpired during their early days. There are at most two aspects to consider what they were dealt with and the way their caregivers treated one another.

Way Back

It could be a period when they were hurt in some way , and their caregivers could have been frequently fighting and shouting. The environment they were raised in would be extremely unstable as well as unpredictable and extremely stressful.

Although this might be a very difficult and terrifying moment to them, the experience could have been a part of what was familiar. And that which is familiar is believed to be in the mind of the unconscious or ego. Therefore, even though this incident was extremely problematic and stressful, it would create their personal version of what love should be and what a good relationship should be as.


What this means is that just as one could end up becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs, they could be addicted to people that are also destructive. In order for this to change the processes within them must be changed, and it’s not something that takes place in a matter of hours.

With perseverance and patience together with the appropriate assistance, this could occur, and it will eventually lead one to be uncomfortable around those who are sick. A counselor or healer may be required.

Professional writer, teacher coach, author and coach, Oliver JR Cooper, is from England. His insightful analysis and commentary encompasses all aspects of human evolution that includes self-love, love, partnerships and the inner self. With more than 1000,900 deep-dive articles that explore human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with sound guidance.

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