Do Relationships Allow Someone To Come Into Contact With Their Unconscious Mind?

Human beings are able to have an unconscious and a conscious mind, but the latter is mostly ignored. The majority of society does not overlook this mind, but many people working in helping professions that are working to aid people’s “mental health”, also perform the same task.
While this may not be any kind of surprise in the context of society, when you consider how socially extroverted it can be and the lack of self-awareness and embraced, it can be viewed as a shock when many experts are like that. However it is a society that often lives in the surface will naturally produce treatments that are not rooted in reality and those who are content to do these practices.

Two Parts

In the case of an unconscious mind, that part of them contains those “negative” feelings and the aspects of themselves they believe are undesirable, and so on. With these elements stored in this area of their body the conscious mind of their never, if ever need to be in contact with them.

In the same way, as people can put things that they do not like in their attic only to forget of them. The exact process will happen inside the body. In their attic, for instance allows them to take out the aspects of themselves that they do not like, and then forget about having taken them out.

A Vital Job

If one did not possess this skill and had to soak in their discomfort, they’d eventually be eliminated. In this regard, being able to eliminate the pain from their consciousness is crucial.

While their minds will be out of touch with their feelings and other areas of their lives that cause problems but this material inside them isn’t going to be put away in the same way as things that are stored in the attic and do not cause any trouble. The truth is that this material will, in the behind the scenes being driving the strings of their lives.

One Part

What they hold in their mind’s subconscious can have a significant impact on what they’re vibrating or the sound they emit. They, as well as all things on earth comprised of energy that vibrates, and for them to feel something, they have to be at the appropriate frequency.

It is not an attraction law. it is the law known as resonance that is actually a quantum physics principle. So, a person may possess all the right ideas and emotions in their mind. brain, but if their subconscious mind is cluttered with rubbish and thoughts, they may not reach their goals.

Another Part

Additionally it is due to certain parts of them being a dynamic relationship, they’ll meet people who embody the aspects of themselves they’ve lost contact with. There will also be instances where one projects aspects of themselves onto people who do not actually have what they see in themselves.

However, since their minds is completely influenced by the five senses are telling them, they will not be able to comprehend the reality. If they were told the images they see are an expression of their conscious mind, it could be similar to telling them the moon’s made from cheese.

A Long List

If they could look back and think about how they interact with each other, they might observe that they constantly come into contact with the exact kind of people. If it’s about their personal issues with others various things might be recalled.

For instance, they may be surprised to find that they frequently meet those who are selfish or have issues with anger and have a need to be noticed. You could observe that they have the exact opposite.

The Mirror

If they could pretend that they aren’t separate entities but instead an expression of the aspect of themselves they are disassociated from, it would provide them with the chance to take the steps they’re required to do in order to slowly become more a part of with their “shadow side”. When they see their interactions in a more symbolic way and allowing them to be more symbolic, they won’t have to get caught up in the current events.

In addition, by examining the aspects of themselves they require to illuminate of their own inner consciousness and acknowledge the truth of their own, they will begin to transform the “negative” aspects. The aspects of themselves that are considered to be negative can be transformed and the energy can be used to inspire and enhance their lives.


This isn’t about self-deprecation; it’s an opportunity to show kindness and compassionate to themselves. In reality, they didn’t hide these aspects of themselves because they’re weak, unworthy or incompetent but because it was painful for them to confront their own weaknesses.

In addition, when they come involved with those aspects of themselves they perceive as unworthy and shameful and shameful, it is crucial for people to realize that this is simply their ego-mind making judgements. In the end, what happens within them is simply and is not either good or bad.


If someone is struggling to complete this task by them, they may have to seek outside help. This kind of support can be offered by an therapist or healer.

Author, transformative writer, educator and consultant Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful analysis and commentary encompasses every aspect of human development such as love, partnership as well as self-love, self-worth inner child and self-awareness. With more than two thousand 7 hundred detailed pieces that explore human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with sound guidance.

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