Can The Fear Of Abandonment Cause Someone To Be Controlling?

When someone is beginning to spend time with someone else They may not ever think about the things they may or cannot do. Actually, it could become the very last thought on their minds.

What is most likely to interest the two is understanding each other while enjoying their time you spend together. At this point it could be obvious to them that they’re two different people.

The Next Phase

As time passes through and they get closer to each other they may be tempted to take control of the actions of their partner or does or doesn’t do. If this occurs it will reveal that a part of them does not see that person an independent person.

The part of them who wants to determine how others live their lives will see them as an extension of them. As the other person is an extension of them this completely acceptable for them to act in this way.

Influence strong

If this particular part of them is very robust, it may be impossible for them to understand the changes taking place. Due to this, they’ll begin to totally lose track of what they used to do before.

In a sense it’s that the person they were before is gone, and they have adopted a completely different persona. They will appear exactly the same, however, this may be the extent it gets.

One Focus

Furthermore the person is likely to spend much of their the time contemplating what the partner is up to. If they were able to concentrate on other aspects of their lives during the initial stages of their relationship but this won’t be the situation.

A different way of looking at this issue is saying that the spouse has become the center of their lives while everything else is fading in the background. Being in this manner is not only going to be detrimental on their relationship but could also have an adverse effect on their life.

A Shock

The person they are with may be struggling to comprehend what took place and could react in two ways. One option is to clearly state that the conduct is not acceptable.

It could take place in a manner, or they may become angry and get angry and lash out at them. In other cases, they might not even speak up, which could suggest that they’re used to having a relationship with an individual who is domineering.

Two Outcomes

If they defend themselves and declare that the behavior they are displaying isn’t acceptable, they could apologize and say that they did not realize they were in control. In other words, they could deny the allegations and claim the fact that they have done any wrong.

If this happens it is possible that they need to consider whether or not they’re on the right track. In contrast If they’re already used to being monitored, it’s likely that they would be able to do anything. This means that it is possible to get worse as time passes along.

A Few Examples

In regards to what one’s behavior one behaves, they might want to be aware of how their spouse is doing all the time. They might say they do not want to be doing certain things or be around certain individuals.

In the beginning, they’ll make an inch of progress and, as time passes eventually, they’ll eventually take the equivalent of a mile. The ideal situation is for their partner to make a decision and then leave if one does not change their behavior however, if this does not happen then they could have a rough moment.

The Reason

If someone was capable of taking a look back and examine the reason for acting this way it could be that they are doing this in order to hide the feelings they are experiencing. Refraining from acting like this could lead them to feel a certain amount of anxiety . And, beneath this fear may be the fear of leaving.

Thus the reason why they control your partner is just an attempt to keep themselves from becoming overloaded with emotional trauma. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend why an adult has this fear, but it’s not like they were actually dying in the event that their partner died.

A Powerful Force

However, even though they appear as if they are an adult they’re not feeling like an adult. On an emotional level they’re likely to be a little child and this aspect of them will control their behavior.

The reason they feel like a desperate child could be due to the fact that they were not taken care of in their young years. Maybe this was the time they were abandoned. This is the reason they are afflicted with the fear of being abandoned when they become an adult.


The things they are afraid of be a thing that has already occurred This is likely to be the case that what they worry about is coming into contact with the agony of being abandoned. This hurt doesn’t have to be a constant threat however.

The only way to ensure that the discomfort will not be a burden on them is to tackle the emotional pain in their own. With the help of a therapist or healer, for example they’ll be able to overcome the suffering.

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