Can Someone’s Need To Save Others Have A Negative Effect On Their Relationships?

If someone hears that a friend of theirs is having a difficult moment, they can make a phone call or even visit them. Whatever they decide to do, it could be an opportunity that they’ll be able to listen to what the person has to communicate and offer their assistance.

If they’re in a relationship with someone and they feel that their partner is experiencing a difficult period, they may react in the same way. In both situations the person isn’t going attempt to assume the blame or assume responsibility for the situation that another person is experiencing.


Therefore, it can be stated that they be aware of where they start and stop and also where others start and end. This is what prevents them from attempting to cross someone else and pretending that they’re responsible for their actions.

Because of this, the other person will not feel like they’re not being treated with respect or abused in any manner. This allows them to feel that they are respected and that someone sees them as competent enough to handle their own issues.

In Balance

What this could prevent one from making relationships that feel more similar to a parent than the person they are with. Additionally, it will prevent them people from being placed in a place in which they constantly give and receiving very little in the return.

There will be occasions that they will give, and then they will also have moments where they will receive. As they’re not parents with their own demands to meet they will be able to stop from being a runner on the empty.

The Right Setting

They will then be able to speak openly about what’s happening to them, without worrying about what their friends or partners will do if they attempt to save them. Those they have in their lives will be able open up without worrying about what will happen if someone tries to save them. There will no longer be a need for anyone to pretend to be someone else and to conceal who they are.

In another way, you, and others in their lives will be able to be present. This will enable people to feel connected to those around them, and for the persons to sense a connection to these.

A Different Scenario

If someone else were to be informed of what the friend of theirs is going through and they were to hear about it, they might take a completely different approaches. If they get in touch with them from the prone or meet the person in real life, they can shortly inform them of what they must do.

No matter what they are experiencing, it may appear as if they’re not capable of getting themselves organized. The person will not be able to believe they’re not doing anything wrong, they are simply helping out.

Another Context

If they’re in a relationship and the other person is having difficult times it is possible that the same thing will occur. Being there for your partner and letting them face the issue is not an alternative.

In every relationship they’ve been involved in, they could have behaved in the exact same manner. It is possible that they have behaved this way for the time they remember, which might mean that they aren’t conscious of what they are doing and the impact it has on others.

No Boundaries

Therefore, regardless of whether they act around friends or their partner – in the event that they have one, it’s normal for someone else to feel hurt by their behavior. There’s the possibility that someone doesn’t know what they mean by beginning and ending or where others are at their beginning and ending.

That’s why people feel responsible for what other people experience and then merely walk past them. If they don’t take care to resolve the issues that other people are going through it will be impossible to get over what they’re experiencing.

Out of Balance

The person will appear like a parental figure as the people living their lives will appear like children who are incapable. It doesn’t mean that they is able to see others as such however, if they were to step back, this could be clear.

Another disadvantage of acting this manner is that one can give a lot but aren’t likely to get much back. They may play the part as someone who is strong and has no need for any assistance – a position that could prevent their ability to feel true intimacy.


As they spend so much time trying to help others and fix their problems, they may spend much time attending to their personal requirements. At first glance, they appear to be someone who is always willing to helpothers, but behind this image, there is lots of anger and frustration.

The only way they can alter how they feel is if they cease to act in this manner. In one way, they’ll have to stop acting as an adult and acting as if it’s their responsibility to solve the problems of others and take a step back from the role they have played and reconnect with their authentic self.

What’s the matter?

If they decide to quit this job the thing they could discover is that they’re carrying some shame. In the process of trying to help or fix other people could serve as a means not to be seen as a victim.

In this way the focus on what’s going on “out there” doesn’t alter the reality going on within them. In order for their behavior to change and for them to discover their true identity in the first place, they’ll need to repair the hurts in their own.


The reason that they are feeling so ashamed and aren’t comfortable with their personal needs may be due to events that occurred during their initial times. They’ll have moved on but the hurt they endured will be in them.

If someone can identify with this and wants to make a change in their life then they might need to seek out external help. This kind of support could be offered by the help of a therapist or healer.

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