Can Someone’s Inner Critic Cause Them To Put Up With Abusive Behaviour?

If someone has a habit of spending time around those who abuse and abusive, they may conclude that they’re a victim. The problem is not that they are playing an integral part in the abuse that is happening, but that this is how they live.

Therefore, even though these people can control their lives however, there will be nothing could be done to alter their circumstances. Therefore, it’s likely to be common for them to feel completely without power.

One Experience

It could be that someone may be in an intimate relationship one who is verbally abusive and may physically assault their partner from time to time. Being around someone who is like this will make it difficult for them to feel happy about their own self-esteem.

Before they ended being in a relationship with the person they are with, they might have been with a variety of people who were treated in the same way. So, this isn’t the first time they’ve had a relationship who treats them as if they were dirt.

Other Relationships

If it’s about the other people they have in their lives they may be quite accommodating, or perhaps those people are pretty critical. If they have a positive attitude, they may be spending a lot of time wondering why they don’t leave their spouse.

It is possible to agree with those who say they’d like to move on but want to remain in the exact same relationship. There’s also the possibility that those they know are in relationships that can be life-threatening.

Another Scenario

After having had a relationship like this, one could be deciding to remain unmarried for a while. It is possible that they will be taking on different aspects of their lives until they’re at a point where they are ready to meet someone else.

However regardless of the fact that they break for several months or years, they might be in an unjust relationship. In the end, they’ll end up with someone that they do not want to be around.


Before they met it is likely that they have thought to themselves that they would never like being in a relationship like that and may have been telling others in their lives that same thing, however it won’t have had much impact on their lives. It is likely that they end up being with the kind of person they’ve tried to stay clear of.

Although it might appear as if you are just a spectator to what is happening however, there will be beyond that. To be aware of this, it is important for them to separate from their minds and allow them to think about the events that are taking place inside their bodies.

Mirror Mirror

If they pay the events that happen within them , and also to observe the thoughts of their mind for a short time it is possible that they are surprised. The first thing they’ll notice is that they seldom speak to them in a constructive light.

However, since this is something they are used to, it’s been an easy task for them to see the events happening. What’s happening externally is the reflection of what’s going on within the internal world.

It’s an Match

So, because of the way they treat themselves inside, it’s hard to tell when someone is abusing them on the outside. Even when it does, it doesn’t make them able to take a stand or walk away. Whatever way a person treats them , there’s the possibility that it will not quite as severe as the way they treat themselves.

Another thing that this can indicate is that if one were to be with someone who didn’t treat well, it may not be a good fit. It would then be the case that the relationship comes at an end.

Negative Attachment

It could indicate that their identity is built around the idea that they’re an individual who is not worth anything. If this is how they view themselves, there’s going to be no reason to ignore the opinions of their inner critic to them.

In reality their inner critic may even be considered to be a an aspect of their identity and not just an intruder. They might even think this is their conscience but this isn’t the reality.

Letting Go

In light of this and allowing for this, the way they think about their own self-worth will have to shift in order for them to see life in a different way. Not seeing themselves as someone with no worth will be part of it, while another is to let off their inner critic.

What this can do is help them recognize the value of their own self and communicate with self in a kind and positive way. This will help them feel confident about themselvesand put the brakes on their desire to accept bad behavior.

If you can identify with this, and is determined to transform their lives then it could be beneficial to seek out to a third party for help. This kind of support could be offered by the help of a therapist or healer.

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