Can Someone Project Their Parent/S Onto Other People?

In terms of how people view another and the encounters they have with them it may not appear to be making a difference. The person is aware of what the person is like , and when they are with them, they’ll not be in any way contributing to the experience in any way.

Thus, one is likely to observe in both situations and thus don’t have much influence. If they’ve got a good perspective of another and are generally able to get along with them, it won’t cause any problems.

Another Scenario

However when their perception of someone else isn’t very positive and their interactions with them aren’t much better, they’ll be capable of turning away from this particular person. If this person is one works with and they work with, they will be around them every day.

It is possible to see the things that happen while they are around the person, and what thoughts go through their minds regarding them when they’re not. In the simplest terms, the person will use a lot of energy.

Back In Time

In the event that they think about the way they saw this person, and the experiences they had with them the first time they met them, they could discover that their views and experiences they shared with them were very different. This could have changed gradually.

There could also be many others at work with who do not have any issues with the person. Because of this, people might be confused, especially in the event that they are aware that it’s not the same.

A Different Experience

But, if one cannot connect to this, what they might realize is that this scenario has been played out in the current relationship they’re currently in. In addition, it could be a part of several other relationships that they’ve been in.

In the beginning they could have had a particular opinion of the other person and shared certain experiences with them. However as time passes the perception will changed gradually. Due to this, it can appear that the person has totally changed.

Two Extremes

The other person may have been one way before in the process, but they’ll completely different. This could mean that one person may have perceived the other as being in control of their emotions and now see them as having issues with anger.

Perhaps, they considered them to be someone who was quite easy to get along with, and today, they might perceive them as in control. No matter what’s happening for them, it’s definitely not exactly the same as it was.

An Important Question

While one might think they are an observer , and aren’t taking part in what’s happening What if there was an additional aspect? What if this particular relationship as well as others, are simply reflecting back the issues they have to address within their own minds?

If that’s the case then it means they are not just being an observer of their own reality and are also the one who observes and the one who created it. However, to comprehend the nature of what they are experiencing the inside of their mind, they’ll naturally have to look deeper into the way their mind operates.

Back In Time

In their core, they will likely have several internal wounds that, while not all of these wounds will likely result from events that transpired during their early stages of life. As time went by, however their mind’s awareness may have fallen out of contact with the majority of their fellows.

While these wounds may be an unanswerable mystery to those who are conscious of them, they’ll remain in their subconscious mind. As long as they’re there, they’ll play a role in what they’re attracted towards and the things they perceive in the people they eventually end up with.

A Blank Screen

Therefore, even though many of the hurts within them could be related to something their parents/s did or did not do, they will be projected onto others. It could be that someone is mad at their parent , but they are unable to admit this, or that one parent was unruly and didn’t address the feeling of being unjustly treated; it’s the case that someone else has issues with anger or isn’t able to set boundaries.

It is easy to view projection as something negative or negative, however that would be missing the point completely. Because of mental nature and the way it does whatever it can to prevent discomfort, it is clear that in general the internal processes that are taking place cannot be observed directly.


Defense mechanisms, such as projection are the ones that allows one to be aware of what takes place within their bodies. But, if they’re disregarded or there isn’t any awareness of them, this will not happen.

The main thing to do is to consider the fact that they aren’t just an observer of their lives and that what they see is an expression of the events that are taking place in their unconscious and conscious mind. This can take some ego power, or one could be being a person who is a victim, and then blame them, or they could be defensive and blame other people.


If someone can recognize the way they’ve projected their struggles onto others and are now determined to transform their lives it is possible to seek external help. This could be accomplished with the help of a therapist or healer.

Author, transformative writer instructor and consultant Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful analysis and commentary encompasses all aspects of transformation for humans such as love, love for self, love for others and inner-awareness. With more than 2 000 more in-depth pieces discussing human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with sound tips.

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