Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Feel Trapped Around Others?

There are people who feel at ease in their own environment as well as with other people, and those who aren’t. In the case of the former, it’s likely to prove an individual has solid sense of their own self.

Due to the way they are, they will never feel empty alone and will not lose themselves when they’re around other people. One way to think about this is the idea that these people get the most beneficial combination of the two.

One Option

If they’re employed in their own firm and working for themselves, they’ll be able to be able to feel connected to the events happening inside their. In addition to reflecting on what’s been going on in their lives and their personal life, they’ll be able to understand their own wants and needs.

If this weren’t the case and they were always with others, they’d likely be lost in the moment of the person they truly are and their essence. It doesn’t matter how strong their self-esteem was because, as time passes whatever is happening around them will still influence them.

Another Option

If they’re working in their own business it will allow them to feel deeply connected to other people. What they experience when they’re around other people will be experiences they will not be able to experience in solitude.

In this sense, they’ll become an interdependent being not an autonomous human being. If they had the ability to provide themselves with everything they require then they would not need anyone else.

A Different Reality

So, if a person spends the majority of their time with other people, it could indicate that they don’t be able to establish a strong connection with themselves. A large, or even all of their lives could not be reflective of the person they truly are.

However, if they feel the desire to stay away from being alone This may not be a thought they think about. In a sense it’s an option they’re content to make, even if not conscious of it.

The Other Extreme

However when someone is spending the majority of their time alone and is not surrounded by others, they could be able to establish a strong connection with their own. However, what they’ll not get are the benefits of human interaction.

It could be that they’ve made a conscious decision to conduct themselves, or they might be more involved. Due to the interactions that take place when they spend time in the company of others, they could be more at ease with their own group.

Past Experiences

If they spent more time with others and felt a little confined and it was difficult to keep their identity. One way to cope with this issue would have been to spend a tiny amount of time with others.

If this were an issue, their desire to connect with others could be a reason for them to open their arms to others at specific time. If this happens it could not take long before they are feeling the need to withdraw yet again.

Stepping Back

If they take an extra step and think about what happens while they’re with others They may discover that they feel overwhelmed and in a bind. Some may find that it’s difficult to breathe.

Being human beings and also people, they could be difficult for them to comprehend the reason behind their feelings. They might have experienced this feeling when they were involved in a romantic relationship as well.


It’s not just that this would have caused them to be confused, but it could probably also have confused the person with whom they were. Being with that person could have made them to feel overwhelmed and confined, without being required to take any action in particular.

In the back of their minds, what’s happening will remain an unanswerable mystery for them and those they’ve interacted with. But, if they could recall the events that occurred during their childhood, the way they live their lives as an adult might begin to become clearer.

Way Back

When they first began their lives, they would be defenseless and would not have been capable of protecting themselves. That’s why they’d require caregivers who are in tune with their needs.

Although this may be the thing they need to develop properly and establish boundaries, they might have had a caretaker who felt emotionally secluded and therefore, was not able to address their requirements. This means that they could have been constantly smothered and feel stuck.

The Body Remembers

If this isn’t the first time they felt this way, it might be a sign that it is related to the time of the time they were born or when they were still in the womb of their mother. No matter when they first experienced this feeling but, it must be the time when their brains weren’t fully developed.

It would have prevented them from having memories of the events that took place. The years will have passed and what transpired will remain in the past however the effects of what happened will remain within them.

If you can relate to this, and are looking to make a change in their lives it is possible to seek outside help. This can be accomplished with the help of a counselor or healer.

Author, transformative writer educator and consultant Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful analysis and commentary explores the many aspects of transformation for humans that includes love, relationship, self-love and self-awareness. With more than two thousand more in-depth pieces discussing human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with solid guidance.

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