Are There Four People In Every Relationship?

There are those who are in a open relationship. There are others who aren’t. If you’re in the monogamous relationship one could say that there will be only two individuals involved.

In contrast to the other kind of relationship, this one will only have to think about one person. If they weren’t in this kind of relationship, they’d each have a lot more to consider.

A Very Different Dynamic

Every person will have an emotional connection to one another and they’d both share an affinity to others. Because of what’s happening, a significant portion of their time will be devoted to this aspect of their lives.

However, they may not feel an emotional bond to one another as well as to others they interact with. So, even though both of them be sharing their bodies with one as well as other people however, there is not much else that is shared.

On The Surface
But, even though the relationships of each aren’t particularly deep but they’re going need a lot of resources and attention. Due to this, they may be at a stage where they’re not interested in living life in this manner and would like to have more depth.

The thing that was initially amusement at first could soon be seen as an activity that’s exhausting. Once they have reached the conclusion that they are tired, they could consider it better to stay with one another or even just another person.

A Different Experience

In this kind of relationship there is a person who is likely to have in order to support the other person. In this kind of relation, more them will need to be present and there might be more growth than there could be in other relationships.

It is true that an open relationship can present challenges, but many of these issues will likely be different from those that are encountered in an intimate relationship. The reason is that by creating an intimate connection to one person, in contrast to a superficial connection with a group of people, various deep wounds may surface.

An Analogy

One way to look at the distinction is to contrast short-distance running and long distance running. Running for shorter distances will require some kind of fitness, whereas being able to run a longer distance requires a different.

In both instances both cases, there will be difficulties However, the latter requires greater strength and endurance than the first. So, to move further, one must be more ardent and confront discomfort that they might not be forced to confront.

A Half-Truth

Although they’ll only be together with one individual but that doesn’t mean there will be only two people together. The reason behind this is because both are likely to have an inside child.

The inner child of one as well as the inner child of the other will usually influence the way they act. Being aware of this can help people to be more understanding and allow their partner to behave in the same way.

For Example

As the relationship develops and matures, internal hurts will be brought out and lead both to act way that’s not of the norm. At this point the child in them will emerge as their own adult selves take off the grid.

If one is able to comprehend this that they have, it will be more easy for them to comprehend what’s happening when these things do happen , and to not get involved in it. It is the same for the person who is the partner when one’s inner child comes in to play.

The Alternative

If they don’t possess this knowledge it is easy to get lost in the events when their partner’s child is in charge and make it difficult for them to discern their wounded child self and their mature self. Additionally, it’ll be harder for them to sympathize with their partner and be sensitive.

In the end, this aspect will become dominant, so it’s not as if the other person is conscious of making a decision to act in a way that’s damaging or destructive like, for instance. It’s crucial to be aware that they too will experience these moments and will be grateful for a partner who is able to discern what’s taking place.

The Other Element

Being aware of the fact that they are surrounded by an inner child who will at times become dominant is one aspect of the equation; the second is for them to be accountable for what transpires. Being aware of what’s happening and taking steps to repair the triggers will help them resolve what’s going on and also allow for their relationship to grow.

If the person, or their partner isn’t aware or steps to deal with the issues that have been triggers, it’s likely to be much more difficult to see the relationship progress. As time passes, it could lead either them or their partner to physically or emotionally quit the relationship.


If someone can connect to this, and require additional help it is possible to seek external help. This is provided through the help of a healer or therapist.

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