Life in the City After Years Spent in the Country

The decision to retire to a farm in the countryside was like living in a paradise. The way of life in the countryside is slower that isn’t accompanied by the roiling one feels in cities. The neighbors are kind and welcoming and homes are not constructed over each other. In general, the way of living is more relaxed and informal than the city life.

Country living is a breath of fresh air and is healthy. It is a pleasure enjoying views that are serene and calming with endless vast expanses of land

The typical daily things to see and take in are the scenes of sheep gnawing off everything they discover in fields to feed and cows enjoying a lazy day in the sun.

The eye can see vast fields of wheat that gently blow in the breeze and tractor tractors ploughing fields with ease in preparation for planting crops. In the time of harvest, there is a lot of activity as farmers rush to reap the canola, wheat or other crops prior to when they are too dry.

This is a peaceful environment that is far superior to the sound of cars that are speeding at the fastest speeds on city streets that are crowded. A life like this is blissful, but as with everything good that comes in the final phase. It is possible that you will stay in the country until your life end due to one cause or another reason.

The return to the city can be quite a traumatizing experience. The various lifestyles and styles of people you meet are sure to provide you with a boost. In the countryside there is plenty of time for you while in urban areas, the day-to-day obligations do not allow for lengthy discussions or visits that are not planned prior to the time. It is true that no one just walks into the cafe for a cup of coffee and a biscuit without prior invitation.

But, it doesn’t take long to transition to the chaos and variety of your daily life. It is also possible to turn off from hearing the dogs barking at your neighbors or the hum of planes that are about to take off or land at the airport nearby.

The time spent catching up on the latest news from your old friends and having a cup of coffee in the malls is an enjoyable breaks. There is also the possibility of taking excursions to the cinema or see stage plays. The opportunity to visit art galleries and museums is not possible when you live in the country , but are easy to access when you live in a city. Therefore there’s plenty to gain from living in cities!

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