Kindness Is Differential Blindness

If my life can teach me one thing,, it has been that I’m selfish. I’m being honest. I’m not a great visual at times. When I can see clearly I tend to go my personal way. I tend to be a defender of those who think as I do but I also tend to criticize people who have different opinions.

I’m not the most kind sometimes. Actually, I think it’s more the case that I’ve had to learn. It’s not something that happens naturally. I’m thinking this is true for a lot of us.

I’d like to say that kindness goes beyond what we believe it to be.

The measure of our generosity is the one that is across our beliefs.

We’re kind even not the kind of person we wish to be.

Do we have the capacity to be compassionate to someone operating against our logical and moral principles? If we are responsible people can we show kindness to people who aren’t? If we’re irresponsible, are we able to be kind to those responsible? Maybe we believe that being kind is only for people who accept responsibility. Maybe we’re overthinking it!

Kindness is the ability to see beyond the issue and respect the individual.

It’s the ability to continue to honor an individual for who they truly are even when we do not agree with their actions or what they think. If we were to take this to the next level, we could assign the responsibility of whether we’re being considerate or not to their perspective. We believe we’re being nice but what does the other person think?

This is the type of gospel power behind the Rev. Wade Watts and how he beat the notorious KKK Second grand wizard Johnny Lee Clary. Whatever Clary did to make it difficult for Watts the Rev was always praying for and loving Clary. This kind of kindness was displayed despite the midst of persecution for many years. Clary was initially puzzled at first, but he was able to be enthralled after the first demonstration of God’s love that he experienced personally.

Kindness can be a game changer. It’s a love that’s set apart from all others.

It’s only true generosity when it’s performed as a result of self-sacrifice and not to gain some sort of indirect benefit. We can each agree that the amount of generosity we show and receive is performed for selfish reasons because we can benefit from our generosity.

Sincerity, therefore is extremely mysterious to everyone else. It is not logical in any way. That’s why it’s so uncommon within the church. Who could possibly accept persecution, and then keep being a loving partner? This is very Jesus-like and we don’t even think to try to pull it off ourselves.

Who will suffer from an attack and continue to believe that they are the best person?

Answer: the kind and generous person.

True kindness can lead us to cherish a person despite their differences in opinion or negative view of us.

It will allow us to see the larger picture, to recognize the sacredness of the person in front of us and the freedom that is in them that is behind their opinions. This is what helps us understand our own freedom and the loving grace of God to allow us each our freedom of choice. Are we going to love or hate?

We can also observe that even if we believe that our beliefs to be correct We each make mistakes. We only have the ability to see and accept our own opinion and the opinions of those similar to us. When we’re aware of this, people aren’t as threatening and might begin to see us as less threatening.

We live in a society that is divided where genuine compassion with its own motives and not simply because it aligns with our values is not common.

Kindness is the opposite of blindness, since we must look beyond our differences in order to truly be kind. Being kind to people that are easy to show kindness to is not true kindness. It is the person who is hard to love that will show that our actions are loving or not. If we choose to love someone simple to be with, then we have done it since it’s easy which isn’t really love.

However… what’s more, the beauty of being kind is the fact that it is so simple It’s simple.

If we are able to struggle with kindness and master it, we’ll find the key to forgiveness as forgiveness is essentially kindness, which is unconditional love that we extend to others regardless of the difficulties that are between us. It leaves, not less, the judgement to God. It also sincerely apologizes for any wrongdoing committed and any trauma suffered.

Therefore, kindness is the result of justice and reconciliation is achieved.

Kindness doesn’t see the distinctions between us. It is able to see the inherent worth of the other.

The power of kindness is to bring healing to the world. The world is healed not by force, but by kindness.

We will see the world change ours, mine, and yours ours when we are governed by kindness rather than powers.

God will be gracious to the gentle. Be kind, therefore.

The power of generosity is yours to offer. This kind of power is unconditionally loved and acts without worry. This kind of power… It is building and strengthens, it assists and empowers.

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