Can Someone Be Unaware Of Their Own Fear Of Intimacy?

If someone is looking to establish an intimate connection, then they might realize that it’s just a matter of time until they meet the perfect person. Or, they might find that they only have the capacity to make it to a certain point.

The months will pass and this part of their lives will not change, which will cause them to feel a great deal of anger. There’s a chance that several years will pass , and the area they live in will not change.

Two Sides

The person will want to spend time with someone but it will be impossible to fulfill the desire. It may appear as it’s as if they’re doing their part but the world doesn’t meet their expectations.

It could be that someone has been using various dating websites and has been out frequently. If, after having lived like this for a long time, they began to feel like a victim isn’t a shock.

Full on Board

They’ll know what they would like to achieve and have taken the necessary steps to get there and then for the rest of their lives to remain the same. It could have looked like they chose an area and followed the correct directions to reach it, but they ended up at a different place completely different.

Living life this way can cause people to think that somebody or something holds them back. Being around couples can be extremely difficult for them as they will be reminded of the things they’ve not had the privilege of experiencing.

A smidgen Different Experience

In the same way it is possible that one was involved in multiple relationships, however each time they could be with someone else who was not available. Therefore, even if they were in a relationship with them, they would not be capable of emotional connection with them emotionally.

It might be difficult to determine which of these two situations is more disappointing or perhaps they discover that being with someone who’s not available is more difficult. The reason behind this is because they had their hopes raised and then be brought back to reality once more.

The Problem

If someone has been in many people who weren’t able to commit, they might think that it is the other people who have to make changes, not them. As long as they aren’t changing and willing to share their feelings and their lives will not change.

At the time, it is possible to decide to put this part of their lives to the side and concentrate on other aspects of their lives. This particular area will then be beyond their control and they’ll need to wait until the situation is changed.

Two Levels

But the thing is even if one states they would like to be in relationships and then undertake certain actions to help get there but that doesn’t mean all of them are in agreement with their desire. But if they’re only aware of the things that are happening in their heads and what they do and the things they say to others, they’re not aware of that this.

In their minds they might only be at ease keeping others from their sight. Then, in their mind the thing that is happening doesn’t be logical, but in the absence of conscious thought, everything is planned.


This shows that what’s happening within their unconscious mind exercises much more influence over their lives than what happens in their conscious brain. If these parts cooperate it can be a magical experience; If they don’t work and it causes lots of pain and suffering.

It is a problem that occurs when you aren’t conscious of the effect this particular aspect affects their lives It is common to feel helpless. Most of the time it is the case that what’s happening “out there” will be considered to be the cause.

The Primary The Main

This aspect of them only allows them to feel secure. If they’re unable to feel intimacy, it’s likely to make it clear that this is considered to be dangerous to their existence. In the present, it could be difficult for their mind to comprehend how intimate relationships could put their lives in danger.

The problem with this particular part of the human being is the fact that it is able to forget about some things. This means that even while this particular part may dismiss it as being untrue on the ground, that does not necessarily mean that it is.

Emotional Archaeology

If one could set the current situation within their minds in the past and think about what happened in their early years, they might gain a degree of clarity about the current situation. It is possible that it was a time in which they were not recognized.

It could be the time they felt overwhelmed and overwhelmed by those around them and this could have led them to become lost. As they grew older it would be a huge amount to bear and being close to other people could be seen as a risky activity.


With time one’s brain (head) would lost track of what had taken place, but the unconscious mind (body) will have a memory. The body does not have a sense of time, therefore it will not appear as if this was the way they lived their lives and it’ll be as if it’s the way their lives are.
If you can relate to this and wants to transform their lives it is possible to seek out external help. This can be accomplished with the help of a therapist or healer.

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