If Sinners Entire Do Not Consent

“If sinners entice, do not consent.”

The proverb is clear that you should not be a slave to sinners that encourage you to take part in their actions that are unjust.

Who is a sinner?

We all are sinners, that’s why God made himself known to us in the form of a man named Jesus however, there are millions around the globe who do not believe in God’s existence. They willfully commit acts that are unrighteous. Their consciences have been trained to the point the moral code permits them to act as they want to do.

Where can we meet sinners?

They’re everywhere: at school, work at the mall, on the street even relatives.

Is sin a thing?

The Collins dictionary defines “sin” as the act of doing something wrong or morally wrong.

A sinner is one who has committed an act that is imprudent.

Drunkenness and drug use as well as adultery and other sexual offenses, as well as theft or worshipping idols and murder are crimes should not be committed.

There are consequences for sin For instance, murder could lead to the person being punished losing their liberty.

What is entice?

If you can convince people to do something, you entice them to try it.

You can decide to decide if you want to follow the lure or not. The reason people try to entice people to take action is that they would like you to look exactly like them. They feel less guilty about what they do. If they’re a smoker and who is the only one smoking or offers cigarettes to others so that they don’t feel excluded.

What is consent?

When you accept something, you accept it or agree to it.

Sinners can entice others to join them by appealing to their desire to be accepted or join an audience. It is not wrong to have this kind of desire, but when the desire to be part of a group is such that it’s the main thing that matters in your life, then you’re in trouble. You are a people-pleaser and are open to being exploited.

It is not necessary to sacrifice your beliefs in order to discover your position in the world, in fact, there are plenty of opportunities around the world to meet most suitable people. Live your life in accordance with the direction you’re on and your life will become an act of passion.

It isn’t to say that you won’t commit a mistake in your lifetime , but you should try to reduce them by remaining determined to live up to your beliefs.

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