I Can’t Live Without You!

A few months ago, I listened to someone mention that they could not live without their spouse. This wasn’t due to the fact that this person was disabled , and thus, required the person to live a normal the demands of.

It was not a person who was totally competent to handle life all by themselves. But, despite this being true, the person gave the impression that they required a partner.

A Deeper Look

Based on the things they released the results, it is possible to say that their existence was tied to their companion. Therefore, even although they were a competent individual, large portion of them didn’t believe like that.

It did not matter how well-nourished their physical body was , or how well developed their mind was, because their emotional state was weakening their mental well-being. This aspect of them canceled out the other aspects of them.

Emotionally Undeveloped

On a personal level, there’s an excellent chance that they were an uncaring child, not an independent adult who was able to support themselves. Their physical age was significantly different to the emotional level.

They were, in the end, not emotional interdependent, but they were dependent emotionally. Because of this, they could have been prone to disregard their own needs and take whatever steps they could to meet the needs of their partner.

The Priority

Being in this situation may not have been an enjoyable experience for them, however it’s could have been something that had just occurred. The act of ignoring their own needs would be seen as more desirable option than abandoning themselves.

Even if they weren’t aware of the worry, it would have had some influence on their lives. For the emotional side of their lives leaving was seen as a thing that could bring their lives towards an end.

Two Parts

Additionally it is possible that they thought that there was something fundamentally wrong in them. This would cause them to think that their needs weren’t essential, and this was viewed as the reason for why a person would not leave them.

The ability to conceal who they are, and doing everything could be done to satisfy their spouse is essential. The question is, how can someone not be at ease with themselves and be afraid of being rejected?

Early Years

What this could mean is that their early times were one in which they weren’t receiving the proper treatment. Maybe this was a time where they were neglected and mistreated, which would be the reason they weren’t capable of growing properly.

Instead of experiencing the stages of development and advancing through the stages of development, they would have been in a dependency state. In addition but the guilt they felt would have sever them from their intrinsic value.

Final Thoughts

If someone is able to relate to this and wants to develop their emotional maturity They may have to seek external help. This could be done through the assistance of a therapist or healer.
With help from others the person can begin to heal their wounds. By doing so, they will become more integrated as a human being. This will likely be something that requires perseverance and patience.

A prolific teacher, author, writer and consultant BARBARA , hails from England. His insightful analysis and commentary explores the many aspects of transformation for humans such as self-love, partnership, love for self and inner-awareness. With over two thousand hundred articles in-depth that examine the human mind and behavior.

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