How to Get Someone Sober

Are there people in your life who has a problem with alcohol or drugs? Have you had to struggle to figure out the best way to make them sober? If so, you’re likely frustrated and are aware that your efforts aren’t working. There’s a reason behind this.

The reason for this is that you cannot get someone to stop drinking through specific actions. There is no way to stop an alcohol user and their use. The trick is to avoid doing certain things. Here are the things to avoid:

Stop Nagging. It’s not helping to be a nag, lecturer or even explain. This gives the person drinking the opportunity to justify why you’re just so unhappy you are he needs to drink. Your words are a waste of energy since the person drinking isn’t paying attention. Your brain has been shut off for a while. The temptation of alcohol is more powerful than anything else you can think of.

Stop blaming. You’re frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, and frightened. At times you may even feel contempt. It’s natural to take a vengeful stance towards the person who is causing you problems , and also to be unable to take the person’s decisions into consideration. It is possible that you will find the drunk’s behavior so offensive and disrespectful that it’s difficult to keep a grudge against the person who drank. Don’t make it an excuse to make fun of the drinker because berating the person who drinks only will increase the guilt and shame that they already feeling. The guilt, shame and hurt are the main reasons why people drink to begin with.

Stop Enabling. The meaning of enabling is providing an opportunity for the individual to continue to engage in reckless behaviour. The alcohol is being paid for and paying the bills, calling into job, making excuses for others, cleaning clean up after the accident, offering the means to return home after bars or paying for DUI expenses, and much more just allows the person to continue drinking since it is a way to keep everything running and does not allow the individual to suffer the natural consequences.

Stop Threatening. One reason that a drinker isn’t listening to what you have to say is that you’ve made threats numerous times to perform actions which you’ve not done. When you repeat this with a constant lecture and repeating the exact same things, people get lost. Instead of making threats that promise you’ll do specific things in a specific situation be sure to ensure the boundaries you’re setting which you are able to stand up and will to act on.

Stop focusing on. The drinking wasn’t your fault and you aren’t able to stop the drinking, and you are unable to stop the drinking. It’s reasonable to try to stop the drinking by counting drinks, observing the drinker, scolding the drinker and doing everything else you can do to deter drinking. This doesn’t work, and just takes away your freedom to live your life.

If you take these actions then you’ll increase the chances that you’ll get the person who has been drinking sober.

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