God Knows Our Thoughts

In front of our house, Lost Creek flows year-round and, along the edge of our property we have a deep ditch that serves as drainage for the entire subdivision.
At the intersection of the two, I’ve an over-bridge across the drainage ditch, which is approximately ten feet tall and is followed by a wood walkway that runs along the banks of Lost Creek. This hill is on the opposite side is covered in woods, without any homes visible. A small clearing runs along the creek that runs along the side, on which the county constructed the sewer line that serves another subdivision.
While walking across my property line taking a look at the bank to the left of the creek that’s too steep for me to walk up, I thought of how nice it would be having a bridge that swings that could traverse the intersection between the stream and ditch. Large trees with roots that are deep into the bank might be a source of support for one side of the bridge. I have thought about this several times while I strolled through the back yard.
A couple of weeks later we experienced many storms and high winds that destroyed several dead branches. I carried several arm-loads branches to my fire pit on the walkway, then I noticed something odd close to the bridge. As I walked up to investigate and was shocked, I saw the massive tree I think is the bridge’s swinging supports was lying across the creek perfectly level and straight across Lost Creek. I’ve seen other trees in the past that fell across the creek, however they had an angle through the creek, the top breaking and ending in the water. They’re now decayed and are laying just above the water.
God created the perfect bridge I had imagined just a few days before. After that, I began to dream about the way I could create an aesthetically pleasing walkway over the massive tree. I started to make repairs to two areas of the walkway which were thrown into the stream due to the roots when the tree was falling.
Everyday I am amazed at how God safeguards me and gives me the small miracles that my friend and I have a discussion about. I can tell you about all the accidents and near-misses I’ve faced while working in the garden. In retrospect, I am certain that God has provided angels to safeguard me. I am very happy that I chose Jesus to be my Savior and Lord at a young age.

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