Delighting In Dealing With Difficult People

It’s evident right away you can tell it is time to book an appointment over the phone.

The person at the other side is efficient although they can be a bit curt. Each second it seems there’s a growing tension in their voice. You get the feeling that you’re deliberately causing trouble for the person even though you’re sincerely respectful.

Then, they’ll throw out the sentence that proves it’s all your responsibility: “Well, we really don’t have any hope Are we?” They’re basically telling you, “You are a very difficult person to assist!”

You might be forgiven to think: “Okay, you’re a customer service representative and you’ve just informed me that it’s my responsibility. I was under the impression that there is an exception to that regardless of the fact that it’s sometimes the case that at the very least in this case I, the client are in error!”

It’s as if you’re truly lost for words and all that comes out is a deliberately confused “wow!”

However, I’ve discovered an alternative method of dealing with these scenarios. It’s 100% foolproof if you are able to play the part.

The job requires a sense of confidence to remain in the position of not being right; of becoming the issue and of recognizing how difficult the experience will be for them, of taking on the role of their own.

What a joy to be able to stand in the position of being wrong but not be concerned about it.

It gives peace in the relationship. It is possible to ignore their rudeness since, let’s face it you might never speak with them again. Our goal isn’t to instruct them on ways of conduct, since, honestly, they’d not accept any suggestions that we offer. The only way for them to learn is via a method that is different from the one that we can learn from The Gospel of Jesus which is described by chapter 12 in the Book of Romans.

There’s nothing new to be found. It will always work provided we possess the courage of humility to use it. It takes a heart that isn’t tense about being wronged. It’s when we are wronged that God is able to forgive us. There is nothing that sticks when we choose not to fight.

This is how the remainder of the conversation was conducted: after having worked out a date and a time that worked my way, I found myself happy that the time and date was set. After that, I just stated, “Thank you for bearing with me. Thank the patience of your.”

Do you think she was patient? Absolutely not. was not. Was it a matter of fact that she was irritable? Really. I can take it. What is she thinking now after hearing me tell my daughter, “Thank you for your patience”? She might be thinking, “Damn, straight!” or she could think, “How did he just behave so well even after I had told him to stop?” It is possible that she will think of something completely different however grace has provided the space to think on my behavior.

What I’ve observed is this. A humble, friendly and calm attitude isn’t difficult. It’s a matter of choice and, hey it safeguards my heart. If my heart is safe and theirs is secure, so are theirs. I don’t do any damage to theirs. Their harm is stopped by me taking no offense.

It’s only when you are in an environment that you are prepared to be viewed as untrue or weak that you give the situation the strength of peace.

There’s nothing as satisfying as being in a situation where the actions of another individual don’t affect our individual behavior.

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