Broken Hearts, But Incredible Memories

In bed, in bed, unable to sleep and not having peace. Crying and cursing the tears that won’t stop falling. Begs a broken heart not to carry the pain of loss of love into a life that has no compassion for those who are weak. Who do you contact when you don’t want be told to let go when you’re feeling love? It’s so easy to tell person who has no fighting left that the hurt from losing their love for the rest of their lives will end if they quit looking back. The advice won’t work until love tells you so. It’s not like water, you cannot switch it off and on. How do you shut off love when it’s alive? To others, you’re the definition of fools. Hypocrites. They’ve been through the exact issue and nobody could say to them that they should let go.
The most difficult thing about experiencing the rejection of love is figuring out how to safeguard your heart. It’s more difficult to do because you will remember every little detail about the person that you’d like to not have to lose. What they did, how they spoke about it as well as their kisses, embraces and smells or expressions of their faces, body language and more. They may have the coldest of hearts or were charming as well as their plans for the future and of course, what you had to do to fit into their lives. They should not treat you as if you were a only temporary, when you believed you were a real keeper.
There is no need to pretend to forget them, since the memories of them will be resurfacing for a long period of duration. The loss of your loved one can feel like someone can rip your heart from your chest. The pressure to be able to look them in the eye is difficult. It’s especially difficult in the event that you wish them to tell you that it was a mistake to break up. Hope is a constant since to be without believe that it’s over, and that’s that’s too bitter to take.
The only way to heal is through time. damaged heart. It is human to be selfish as it is hung up on the things that need to be forgotten. If the mind and the heart connect? it might eliminate some of the sourness away from your life. Once all is said and done the heart is trying to fight to defend itself, while the mind is determined and never stops enjoying the amazing memories that will never happen ever again.

A Broken Heart, But Incredible Memories is about the love that you don’t wish to let go. You want to let your heart go because it’s suffered enough. Hope when there’s no way to go. It used to be much more easy. It’s so wonderful when you can’t see the picture any longer. Wishing to be together in the face of the fact that it’s all gone. Hoping that one more chance could be the most significant thing to the entire world. However, how can this be possible be done if both parties aren’t willing to make the effort?

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