Authentic Partnerships Empower

What exactly is a genuine relationship? Although we make many alliances throughout our lives, many are temporary, while others are weakened with time However, the most beneficial ones, the most essential partnerships are designed for the long-term built on respect for each other and personal respect. What is the value of authentic relationships to your personal life?

The last time I was in a talk, “Bravo Zulu”. The speaker, Dr. Jennifer Carson shared vast details about the bonds that we create and how we cherish each. While she was initially was focused specifically on military relations, and analyzing the different branches and the kinds of partnerships that could have to do with each one individual, I realized that each piece of information she shared was crucial to any relationship. The more we cooperate and support each other, the more solid the bonds that are created.

Certain aspects contribute to empowerment equality, equality, as well as a collective capability. This includes having a sincere respect for oneself as well with the other members of the group and focusing on common goals and procedures and creating a sense of connections that build confidence and energy. A shared vision, faith in each other and a decision-making process that is reflective of the desires and needs of everyone, and utilizing the different perspectives of self and others to decide on the most effective steps to take.

A few of the conditions to build relationships are regular reflection and dialog. Think of a movie that you’ve seen where characters are surrounded by uncertainty and suspicion. We as viewers have witnessed the various sides of the story, but the actors seem oblivious to the external happenings. Imagine if they simply spoke? They may then be able to connect and agree to a path that solves problems. Conversation is the concept of a secure space: “I shared and it was accepted; now I can speak once again.” Or the reverse: “That was horrendous – time to cut and run!”

When we appreciate views, ideas and ideals, connections improve. The value of diversity is as high because commonality is cherished and valued. When the communication doors are open, people can strive for them to remain open or close them a bit or temporarily if moving forward is painful or near to heart. The difference that one-on-one time can make in building the strength of connections and expanding them.

As previously mentioned, relationships can take place in various types that include Parent or Guardian 1 to guardian or parent 2 parents to children; siblings in sibling relationship; and extended families members to others in the family. The ones in this category tend to be the most difficult with the old saying, “You can choose your friends, but your family has already been chosen.” In reality it is yours for the duration of time. Moving or cutting off people cutting ties, or increasing distance, don’t cause people to feel less connected. So why not simply speak? Why not attempt to connect? What are the reasons to consider an alliance? What is the reason for authenticity?

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