Are You Relying On Luck To Get What You Want?

As a teenager, I would visit various bars and clubs regularly in the past I would often hear men who would speak about the ways they wanted to be lucky’. At times, I was aware of the men who said this, and, other times, it was something I would hear.
For these guys it was like they had no control over whether or how they’d attract a woman. This was something that could not be in their control, and that’s the reason they needed to be lucky.

Another Illustration

What was on my mind recently that brought me back of this particular time that I lived through the moment I was told about a person who wasn’t having a hard time pulling, but was having trouble going further. Because of this the reason wasn’t that they had to be lucky to pull but that they had to be lucky to find a partner.

They believed that when they met the right person, everything changed. Then it was not about doing anything different but an act of continuing to do the same thing in the hope that luck would improve.

An Image

When I was thinking about the second scenario I realized that I was looking at the American wheel of roulette. It was like the player had picked the number they wanted to be and was hoping the ball would fall on the number they’d picked.

There was nothing planned regarding what they were doing It was left to luck. It is true that there are people in the world who have found themselves in a an excellent relationship even though they were trying to get lucky prior to the event.

A Big Difference

But, even if this does occur, a person like this is likely be in a different state emotionally, to hold different views, and to behave differently. In the end, their world will be different which means they’ll also come from a completely different source physically.

What it all boils to is that the things that are happening within a person has significant impact on their life experience. It isn’t possible for anyone to just look around the world.

Certain Regions

But it might be normal for people to think that they are in control of how they perform in their professional life as an example, but they may have an entirely different perspective in regards to their relationships. The reason for this in this is the fact that a person could come to the same person repeatedly or have conversations with people who share the same experience similar to their own.

This is an indication that everybody is one and that their peers can confirm this view. The issue with this is that the person will not take a look at the things that are happening within their own lives, thereby ignoring the part they play in the events that are taking place in their lives.

Final Thoughts

To be able to feel something, it’s vital for them to feel secure enough to be able to experience it. Additionally it is essential to believe that they have the right to be able to experience it.

When you are looking to have satisfying relationships for instance you will have to feel secure having a relationship with another and feel as if they are worthy of the privilege. It is a problem if one isn’t aware of the things happening within them and , as a result, is not aware of how the events happening within them affects how they feel about life, they may be left feeling helpless and think that something out there hinders them from achieving their goals.

Prolific teacher, writer coach, author, and coach, Oliver JR Cooper, originates from England. His insightful analysis and commentary explores the many aspects of human evolution such as love, relationship, self-love and inner-awareness. With more than 11,000 deep-dive articles that explore the psychology of humans and their behavior, Oliver offers hope along with solid tips.

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