Are We Attracted To The People Who Will Allow Us To Replay Unresolved Childhood Trauma?

If you are wondering what triggers an individual to feel attracted to the other, it could be easy to conclude that it’s because of the effect that person’s personality or appearance has been able to have on their appearance and personality. The two elements will be the most significant factors in determining why someone is sexually attracted to a different person.

One way to think about this could be to state that they is the sole two factors one is aware of when they encounter another. There is a possibility of the amount of money they earn or how well-known they are, for example and that could be a factor however, in the end the majority of cases, there will be two factors to base their decisions on.

One Outcome

If after feeling sexually attracted by a particular person, they decide to going further it is possible that this part of their lives will grow from upwards to upwards. It is possible to take a look back at the moment the first time they met, and consider how well this aspect of their lives is progressing.

It can be said that the person was able to recognize that the person was the right one for them and that’s why they were attracted by them. It is similar to recognizing something is healthy and feeling a great desire to eat it.

Different Challenges

However, this doesn’t mean to say that they will not ever have a disagreement or encounter conflict, but what it means is that conflict will not be a factor that saturates their relationship. Even if they do get into a dispute it is likely that they will be able of resolving it in a mature , respectful way.

There will not be any reason to cause any or the other to loose control and blame one another. What this could demonstrate is that both of them are able to handle their feelings and not of making their partner accountable for them.

Looking back

This might be how their lives has been since they remember. One will not be in a violent relationship prior to. It is possible that someone had a loving childhood.

In other cases, they could have been involved in a variety of relationships which were not as a result. The thing to remember is that one has to deal with a lot of baggage to live life in this manner.

A Different Reaction

However in the event that they continue to interact with someone whom you feel sexually drawn to, they may discover that it’s just a matter of time until they feel completely different. It’s not to say that this won’t happen in a matter of weeks, or perhaps a couple of months, but it might take a bit longer.

After the ‘honey moon period has finished it is possible to wonder what been happening to the person they had been with at the beginning. It could be that they were replaced by a different person.

A Big Surprise

Therefore, it’s normal to be overwhelmed and even abused by this individual. It could appear as if the perception they had regarding the individual was only an illusion.

It is possible that they will believe that the person who contacted them was trying to trick them at the outset, and knew precisely what was up to. While it might appear that they had no clue of what was going to happen in the years to come however, that isn’t the whole truth.

Two Parts

In the back of their minds, it was evident that they didn’t have any idea of what was going to happen. in this regard, as far as the portion of their minds was concerned, the individual was perfect match. But the truth is it wasn’t their subconscious mind that led them to fall in love with the person.

The reason they were able to become attracted to the person they were drawn to was the process that was happening within their mind. In reality what was happening at a higher level would be more powerful impact.

Two Agendas

In some ways, it could be as if their conscious mind was able to make some list of things it was searching for and their unconscious had a different list of things it was seeking. At first it might have appeared like they’d met people who were similar to the list that they knew about However, as time passed and the person was found, they would have coincided with the list they didn’t know about.

This demonstrates that what’s going on at a higher level has much more influence than what happens at the surface. While conscious, one could want to be happy and be with people they could share their lives with, for example but on the deeper level, they may want to be attracted to people who would allow them to revisit their unresolved childhood traumas.

Repetition Constraint

As an example, if we say that someone had a caregiver who was cold and distant or emotionally abusive. They might be attracted to someone who’s similar to them. It’s been a while from this point in their lives, but the initial trauma been a part of them for a long time.

As a result it is because being around someone such as this is what is comfortable and, therefore it will feel secure to their subconscious mind. The reason for this is that attracting those who bring these wounds to the surface is a method for them to be aware of the things they’ve disconnected from themselves, and to repair it.


If someone isn’t aware of what’s happening and blames person in question, it will make it more difficult for the person to grow and improve. People can end up with a sense of anger and bitterness in the belief that everything has turned against them. A
If someone can identify with this and wants to heal their past traumas it may be necessary to seek external assistance. This could be done with the help of a therapist, or healer.

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